MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!! hope ur holidays are a wonderful time of precious memories with family and friends, and a time to remember the ultimate Gift that was given us so many years ago. joy to the world! the Lord has come. (photo curtesy of shutterbug.... ^-^)

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I was complaining to God one day.

"Why can't life be fairer to me?!" I whined. And do you know what He said? In his painfully kind, patient, and quiet voice?

"It wasn't fair that I had to die for you."

Cold splash of truth: He's right. That was the most unfair of all. What He said struck me as so true and unfair that it made me cry. I asked Him then, "Why do You love me so much? That's unfair too, you know."

"I know. I still do. You won't understand it, but I always will."

just a thought ><(>


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wheeee! it worked! helloooooooooo!!!!!! who else has hello? look for me! username: avatre. that's u denise! *heehee* if u want the pictures, that is. *grin*
my hair is curly. delicious. ^-^ i did it for pauline and douglas' wedding yesterday.... *yey!* how i looove weddings! pauline was beautiful! and they were all smiles. i took a ridiculous amount of pictures. *heehee* as soon as i figure out hello, there'll be pictures to see here! *yeeeey!* i do wanna post smthg more serious here.... but maybe at a later hour. *heeee....* but in the meantime, here's another survey that was sent to me by my good friend sherie! *lol* didn't i say i liked doing these things?

1.What would you like to do that you haven't been able
to lately?: read for fun, draw.....

2. Name as it appears on birth certificate: Stephanie Shi En Wong

3.Nicknames: Steph, Stevie, Stephie

4. Piercing: 2 holes in each ear ^-^

5. What is the most recent movie you've seen in the
theatre? King Arthur.... boy that wasn't since the summer! hopefully i'll catch a few more over the holidays.....

6. Eye colour: dark brown

7. Place of birth: Hong Kong

8. Favourite food: hmm. i must say.... SHEPHERD'S PIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

9. Ever been toilet papering: *lol* nope. unless u count toilet papering the guys during pauline and douglas' wedding shower! ^-^

10. Love someone so much it made you cry: um..... not yet.

11. Been in a car accident: i think i've been in the car when we've gotten rear-ended before.... a loooong time ago.

12. Croutons or bacon bits: bacon bitty-bitty-bits!

13. Favourite day of the week: hm.i dunno! sunday or saturday!

14. Favourite Flower: sweet peas, daisies.... whatever's pretty, i must say. ^-^

15. Favourite Sport to watch: HOCKEEEEEEEYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! *sniffle* please come back, NHL! and summer olympic sports like gymnastics, diving, and rowing. ^-^

16. Favourite drink: oj with LOTS of pulp.... *lol* and i must admit that i do love coolers! the berry one's the best. ^____^

17. Favourite ice cream: cherry white chocolate. *mmm!* sublime.

18. Disney or Warner Brothers: do i have to choose? i'll go with disney i guess.... but they've both come up with good shows.

19. Favourite fast food restaurant: taco bell!!!!!!!!!! *droooool* and arby's! both of which u can't commonly get in ottawa. *tear*

20. Favourite colour for your bedroom carpet: something neutral and not outrageous..... like ugly red or green. *heehee*

21. How many times did you fail your driver's test: none! why? because i've never taken one! *muahaha*

22. Favorite place to be for the holidays: "i'll be HOME for christmas"..... or anywhere else with family and friends. ^-^

23.Which store would you choose to max out your credit card: IKEEEEAAAAA!!!!! naturally. *lol* and chapters.

24. What do you do most often when you are bored: *lol* i'm rarely ever really BORED. too many things i'd like to do. ^-^

25. Bedtime: almost never before 2am. *haha*

26. Who will respond to this e-mail the quickest: no one?

27. Who is the person you sent this to that is least likely to respond: i dunno!

28. Who are you most curious about their responses to this questionnaire? everyone!

29. Favourite TV shows: extreme makeover: home edition, me my house and i, inuyasha, stargate!

30. Last person you went to dinner with: eeeeeh...... my parents?

31. Ford or Chevy: i have no idea.

32. What are you listening to right now: nthg at the moment...... i WAS playing the theme from "beauty and the beast" but switched it off because of the tv. *grin*

33. What is your favourite colour: blue, green, red and yellow. and white, but does that count?

34. Lake, Ocean or river: ocean.... or river. *lol* i am sooo indecisive!

35. How many tattoos do you have: zero.

36. Time you finished this e-mail: 2:39 pm


i finished a paper. it's actually done..... days before it's due. why don't i feel accomplished? maybe because there's another one, twice as long, waiting to be done. great. wonderful. so why am i here, instead of madly plugging away at it? i dunno. u tell me. focus is smthg that is easily shattered. so porcrastination it is. for sure i'll kick myself HARD later...... but allow me a brief reprieve..... i'm not one that can go hard at academics days on end. also, i am prolly one of the few who actually like these things..... join me in this twiddling away of time if u'd like! i enjoy reading them too. *grin* (thnx to lyds.... i got this off her xanga)

0) Single or Taken: single
1) Your Full Name: Stephanie Shien Wong
2) Sex: female
3) Birthday: April 12
4) Sign: aries
5) Siblings: one brother (benji; 19) one sister (little b; 7)
6) Hair color: black
8) eye color: dark brown

*-;-* R e l a t i o n s h i p s*-;-*
1) Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: many! oh wait u mean THOSE.....
4) Did your crush send this to u? haha! i have a crush on lyds......
5) Where do u go 4 advice? mum and dad....
6) Are you in love? working on it....

*-;-*F a s h i o n S t u f f*-;-*
1)Where is your favorite place to shop: bluenotes, IKEA, salem's, value village
2)What do you wear most often: jeans, sweaters, t-shirts, hikers
3)What do you love to shop for? stationary, books and IKEA things
4)What kind of style do you have? dunno..... not any kind u can put a term to. mixed?

*-;-* T h e E x t r a S t u f f *-;-*
1) Do you do drugs?: no
2) What are you most scared of: living a life that denies Him, and being denied on The Day
3) What car do you wish to have? u mean after i actually get a license?!?? something small and cute..... preferably a hybrid of some sort.
4) What do you want to try out for a day? *haha* the list grows long here! archery... riding... fencing.... fashion designing..... interior designing...... being a rockstar! *lol* riiiight steph........

*~! F a V o r I t E !~*
1) Boys Name: Noah, Liam
2) Girls name: Merilee, Charlotte... too many to count
3) Subjects in school: geology, physical geography, ancient studies
4) Animals: kites (and most raptors in general), tigers, dolphins

*-;-* H a v e Y o u E v e r *-;-*
1) Given anyone a bath? yep.
2) Taken a shower with someone? sure.
3) smoked: no way.
4) Bungee jumped: *haha* don't think i'm gutsy enuf.
5) Broken the law: jay-walking?
6) Made yourself throw-up: yes.... by accident.
7) Gone skinny-dipping? ha! no.
8) Made yourself cry to get out of trouble? no.... can't make myself cry worth beans.

*-;-* 1 s t T h i n g T h a t C o m e s To M i n d *-;-*
1) Red: sassy! style. peppers.
2) cow: ben. *lol*
3) socks: white. comfy
4) Dog: want one! white samoyed.
5) Ocean: blue, vast
6) Chocolate: delish.

*-;-* Final Questions *-;-*
1) Do you like filling these out: yes..... am i strange?
2) How many people are you sending this to? zero
3) Who will send it back: nada
4) last film you saw at the cinema: King Arthur
5) Last person you talked to: mom/ Dr. Wigfield


a nice poem that puts things into perspective.... much thanks to pam for sending this one along!

The World is Mine

Today, upon a bus, I saw a very beautiful woman
And wished I were as beautiful.
When suddenly she rose to leave,
I saw her hobble down the aisle.
She had one leg and wore a crutch.
But as she passed, she passed a smile.
Oh, God, forgive me when I whine.
I have two legs; the world is mine.

I stopped to buy some candy.
The lad who sold it had such charm.
I talked with him, he seemed so glad.
If I were late, it'd do no harm.
And as I left, he said to me, "I thank you,
you've been so kind.
It's nice to talk with folks like you
You see," he said, "I'm blind."
Oh, God, forgive me when I whine.
I have two eyes; the world is mine.

Later while walking down the street,
I saw a child I knew.
He stood and watched the others play,
but he did not know what to do.
I stopped a moment and then I said,
"Why don't you join them dear?"
He looked ahead without a word
I forgot, he couldn't hear.
Oh, God, forgive me when I whine.
I have two ears; the world is mine.

With feet to take me where I'd go..
With eyes to see the sunset's glow.
With ears to hear what I'd know.
Oh, God, forgive me when I whine.
I've been blessed indeed, the world is mine.


booyaah! links are up.... comments are up..... lovely! don't forget to check out the domains of those beautiful ppl..... and the wonderful places! and DON'T FORGET TO COMMENT! *heeheehee* see lyds? procrastination has done it again......


oh noooooo!!!!!!!!!!! i forgot that when i applied the new template that it would wipe my comment function! poopity poopers. *grr....* darn it..... alrighty then..... i'll get around to putting it back on..... some time! have to learn html all over again..... some of u are prolly chuckling b/c it's really not that difficult. but keep in mind: very computer illiterate person here!


wow..... another post! testament to my lack of focus, my ability to procrastinate, and my desire to escape..... *heehee* i just took one of those iq tests that pop up at random sites..... my there were alot of questions! it was interesting though..... i scored 127 (out of what? 200??), and apparently:

Your Intellectual Type is Insightful Linguist. This means you are highly intelligent and have the natural fluency of a writer (i highly doubt that!) and the visual and spatial strengths of an artist (maybeeee.... more likely than the former anyhow!). Those skills contribute to your creative and expressive mind.

*lolz!* ^-^ alright alright..... back to my paper i go.....
wow..... it's rare that i'm up so late that no one else is online! and i'm not even doing smthg pointless and silly. why am i so motivated tonight?

my key board goes clickity clack.... clickity click..... sounding in the stillness of night........


i love it when i get to have interesting conversations with ppl..... like tonight. the topics of discussion consisted of:
the incompetetnce of politicians
sharing Jesus with roomies
working towards goals vs. worrying
my so-called *eloquence*
seeing friends this weekend!
packing and making sure u don't forget smthg important

*lolz* how random. they don't follow any type of logical order at all! i love it. here's smthg to comment on..... what are your favorite things to talk about?


oh go figure.... what kind of a store would forget to apply a discount to the tab and thus overcharge u $100?! future shop would. oh yes they would! trooping back to the store tomorrow..... they better give me back my money without hassle.


*hee* i'm averaging about a post a month! i'm sorry..... on the rare times i do post i really should post smthg more substantial, but alas, my brain protests against any sort of exercise. so u shall have to again endure some fluff. but maybe i'll post a little more often..... now that i have my own computer! *WOOOOOOOT!* how absolutely lovely! oh dear..... my mind is drawing blanks. i think i shall end this! what a pure waste of time, huh? please visit again..... perhaps next time there will be smthg good to read here. my most sincere apologies. why am i speaking in such terms?? ah brain...... u need a good rest. ^-^


hmm, i really should be working on that project proposal of mine..... but it has been an age since my last post. maybe it'll be a short one. ^-^

well, school's started up again. got some interesting classes this term with quite a bit of hands-on things..... which suits me well! i just spent 3 hours digging in the dirt this morning. *ugh* 8:30 is totally WAY too early for a lab. unfortunately for me and my group, we got lost yesterday on the way to the site and totally missed our lab..... *hee!* so we had to go to this morning's. going out again for another lab this afternoon... hope i don't get lost this time! (that would so totally suck if that happened again! and funny too.... ) yeah..... i really like my classes this term, although i'm not too pleased with having so many things to hand in so early on in the term. i have a book report due next tuesday and i'm so not gonna finish that book! <=/

otherwise..... the store got super hectic in september, so i've been working lots. the textbook rush is just about dying down though, so i'm not working as much anymore, and just in time! just when the school work picks up. last week cbc news came to the store and did a segment on us..... it was pretty cool to see our store on the 6'o clock news!

what else? hmm..... that infection i got about 3 weeks back is just about all gone, for which i praise God! the only thing is that there's still a few persisting sores hanging around, and it's ever-so annoying. i'm thinking of seeing the doctor again.

this past weekend was the english retreat..... i had a really great time! seeing my dear girls, getting to know some new ppl, and seeing people from eaco (God really used them! they did a great job leading singsparation.), and getting to see mikayla! *oooh she's sooooo cute!* and i discovered a couple things about myself as well. there're so many things i could mention! it was beautiful there..... if not a little bit too fly-infested. (carmen: "tell me if a fly falls on me, ok?")

anything else? ooh! i got a fish yesterday! his name is tristan. ^-^


great..... for once ben isn't online at night! i am grasping this oppurtunity! wow..... it has been an age and a half since i last posted! there's so much to update..... nthg of any real substance, of course..... never that! but just the summer highltes.... for me anyway!

end of june - july:
it has been a summer of travelling for my mum and sis.... two days after my last post, they went to edmonton for a week, then came back for a week, the jetted off to singapore for two weeks! how i wish i could've gone! i so much wanted to attend my cousin's wedding..... but alas! oh well, it was nthg out-of-the-ordinary, but staying home was nice too..... especially since it was so QUIET, minus kid-chatter and other miscellaneous noises attributed to mum and sis. *grin* another plus, we could watch movies in the house that we wouldn't've been able to had my sis been here! and of course with one less parent here..... *muahaha....* added freedom! anyway, they came back july 20 ('twas the end of the "reprieve"!), and brought back SOOOOOOO much stuff. hurray for clothes! *heehee*

july 29 - aug. 13
so...... mum and priss were back for like.... 8 days, and then we were off to vancouver! hectic huh? i'd been really looking forward to van-city..... i think it's gotta be one of the best cities in the world! it's definitely one of my favorites..... if i'm ever rich enough, i'm definitely moving there! anyway, it was soooo lovely to see familiar sights again.... and shop...... there's this store there that sells japanese things.... it's like the $1 store but waaaay bigger and everything for $2! i spent sooooooo much money there...... *heehee* new favorite!
in van-city we met up with my relatives, my dad's mum and his 3 sisters and their families! it was wonderful! on aug. 1 we boarded the norwegian sun, and set sail for alaska!
the cruise was absolutely great, and it was totally the best reunion of any type i've had so far..... it was so great and special to have all my aunts and uncles and cousins right next door to u! i think i have the coolest aunts and uncles in the world..... *heehee* it was great too b/c since i didn't room with my parents and sister (freedom!!!!!), they weren't too close to always control everything i did, but they weren't so far that i couldn't just find them whenever i wanted either! lovely! i roomed with my grandma, which was not at all bad! one of the great things is that she sleeps really soundly... and there are always these great movies on late at night. since she wouldn't be bothered, i'm free to watch! *heehee* and of course the added plus of going wherever i pleased, whenever i wanted was nice too..... *grin* i think one of the things i enjoyed most about the ship was the piano bar..... an extremely talented JAZZ pianist played there every night and i went almost every night to soak up the jazz.... man it was the best! mmm jazz..... *heehee* there were also cool productions to watch..... there was this thing called "cirque pan" which was the story of peter pan done in the style of cirque du soleil.... though nowhere as grand as that of course! and alaskan scenery is BEAUTIFUL...... i loooove the mountains! and glaciers.... i hadn't seen mountains in awhile since moving out east..... i'd forgotten how breath-taking they can be! our ports-of-call in alaska were ok.... some better than others..... a bit repetitive in terms of the shopping! (tourist souvenirs.... and jewellry stores were very hot for some reason! there were SO many of them in one town!) but all-in-all it was pretty good. we could've gone on special guided excursions, but those were sooooo pricey.... esp. since it was all in american dollars! i had signed up to go on a hike at out last stop, but it was all sold out, and no one cancelled even with the rain. *siiiigh!* i was sooooo diappointed, since there was nthg good to see in the last town. oh, and did i mention the food?!??? my GOSH there was soooo much..... and so much dessert! ben was super happy.... esp. after he found out that he could bring food to his room and the room service ppl would just take dishes away the next day! he stashed like 3 plates of sweets in his fridge to enjoy at night during movies..... ah that boy. his affair with sweet things baffle me. anyway, we got back to vancouver aug. 8. overall, my first cruise was an absolute blast! definitely smthg i want to do again. the biggest disappointment about the trip was the fact that a friend had gotten my hopes up, telling me that i'd see lots of wildlife up there. on the contrary! if u count 1 bald-eagle, lots of half-dead salmon, and seagulls "lots"! boo that.... no whales, no seals, no nthg. poo poo.
it was sad to say bye to my relatives..... we all said things like "see u again soon" but who knows when that will be?? oh there are sooo many ppl i would looove to take time and visit had i the funds!
on aug. 9 we flew from vancouver to edmonton. oh beloved edmonton! it was soooooo wonderful to see the familiar places and see faces i hadn't seen in soooo long. some ppl have changed alot in appearance! but it was still sooo fun to be able to hang out with everyone and catch up and chat. ben and i were both upset though that our stay there was so incredibly short.... a mere 4 days! we didn't even get to go to church! so there were lots of aunties and uncles and friends that i didn't get to see..... but i think i got to hang out with the REALLY important ppl..... the ones i went back really wanting to see. i hope they know who they are! and ben found his new favorite store.... a place most wittily called "death by chocolate". any guesses as to what kind of store that might be???
i also got to go to the tyrell museum in drumheller! hats off to my parents for that, b/c they drove to drumheller just for me...... (and my sibs too for coming!) saw lots of paleontology stuff! saw the new burgess shale exhibit.....it's all these little micro-habitats magnified like 12x..... it was freaky! and i saw the coolest model of a paleo-reef..... too bad my film and camera were absolutely sucky that day and the pictures that came out were not at all great! and of course... at the tyrell, u HAVE to see the dinosaurs!!!!!!!!! wheeeee! i took photos especially of triceratops dinos, b/c a friend is doing his thesis on them! very cool. ^-^ we were gonna go to the dinosaur provincial park, where u're supposed to see fossils still in the ground and other cool things like that, but i opted not to go since we were pressed for time and we've never been there b4 so wouldn't know where the good sights were. so we went to calgary for supper, at this yummy hong-kong style restaraunt that we always used to visit. the food was delicious, but there was soooo much of it! soup and ribs and spaghetti.... i couldn't finish..... but man was it ever good~!
picked up three cd's on my trip.... tammy trent's "set u free" which is from a few years back..... an oldie but goodie. although i'd forgotten how poppy it was! i just snatched it up cuz it was on sale for really cheap..... and then there's andy hunter's "exodus" (trance/ club/ whtever.... he's a christian dj from the uk! coolios, huh?). i've been waiting to get that one b/c it's pricey over here! but once again, on sale over there! and then last but not least (and the purchase i am almost most poud of), stereotrap. it's this christian band based in alberta or sask, but no one really knows about them and ben hadn't seen their music anywhere out side of those provinces..... he was disappointed that he couldn't even rip their songs off the net b/c he couldn't find them anywhere!

aug. 13 - now...
on the 13th we flew home to ottawa.... i was loathe to leave edmonton, but it was heavenly to once again sleep in my bed, chill in my room, and finally enjoy my cd's on proper speakers instead of just through my headphones, which are never turned up too much so as to be able to hear what ppl aound me are saying! but then it was crunch time, b/c i had a week to prepare for my piano exam on the 21st. it was brutal.... i sooo was not ready. i had three piano lessons that week, and tons of practise, and i still froze up numerous times during the thing, and i couldn't memorize one of my pieces, which almost gaurantees a failing grade. i don't feel good about that exam at all, but i'm sooooo happy i'm done now! i could care less if i failed.... i tried! i am officially a free woman! man..... it's soooo great when i realize i never EVER have to play piano unless i want to ever again. there is no better prize! at long last.... after.... 15 years of toil and torture.... *huge sigh of relief* ^-^
after the piano rush it was then time for the vbs rush..... rush to prepare and decorate, and this week, mon - fri, it's vbs! campcreation! i love the decorations this year, and i'm having so much fun so far! yey.... *smile* also starting to work more since it's getting crazy at the store.... i think a hundred boxes of books came in today and it was a mad dash to sort them, pice them, and try to find space to put them in our too-small store! it's great fun though.... my co-workers are all cool. ^-^

*whew!* that was looong.... but all caught up! tired yet? anyway, it's late. gotta go to bed and get ready for tomorrow!


Written by Bethany Dillon and Joshua Moore

This house is echoing
With the sound of You knocking at the door
But with three locks
And the shades down
You are easy to ignore
I put You on like an old pair of shoes
I’ve put You off, but now I need You

Why, this love that never leaves me
Why are You holding me tonight
Can’t deny this love that is given me
Why, this love will never leave

You’re a good strategy when I need one
An angle when there is none
Like a doormat
That always says welcome
No matter how much dirt I rub on
But when I am tired and run through
Look over this hill, I’m running to You

©2004 EMI CMG Music Publishing / Joshmooreownsthis Music (ASCAP)

i love this song! it echoes how i often feel...... my relationship with God is too comfortable all too often..... like old shoes. got a pair of those? it's the shoes that, although they are really really tired and should be retired, you are so comfortable with them that you refuse to toss them. they are old and worn, and probably not too good for your feet anymore, but you can't help loving them. my relationship with God is like that oftentimes..... i am so comfortable with the 'level' that i am at with Him now. of course it would be so much better for me to give it up and let Him take me to the next level, but it's so darn comfortable isn't it? i can hear His voice calling me to Him, to give up one more piece of myself to Him. He's a gentleman though (as PJ would say...); His voice is always always gentle. and it's so easy to ignore. it baffles me how He can be so unfailingly faithful and patient with me......

Father i don't understand your faithfulness.... but thank you thank you for it.


OOOOOHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! breathe.nu still exists! *yey!* so i can still have my old email. ^-^
oh yeah. election day's looming ahead....... i still don't know who to vote for! but i refuse to not vote. *siiiiigh* i am ever-more certain that if i vote conservative i will regret it later..... but but but but!
lydia's back! yay!!!!

mom and mui are in edmonton..... it was cute how mui didn't want to leave me behind..... and also cute how she was super scared that the metal in her pens and zippers would set off the alarms at security....

breathe.nu domain doesn't exist anymore apparently.... whoops! no more email! guess it's yahoo from now on!

such random thoughts that do not connect in any way.....

i want to go to a museum. anyone wanna go with me?

flashback to saturday:
'twas a packed day, but was very fun. in the morning, i spent some time with my sis..... making farting noises and laughing, just screaming and laughing in general, and rocking it out to the tunes of out of eden like there was no tomorrow. *heehee!* quality time! as i was playing her, i realized that not very many of my peers have the chance or the excuse to be so senselessly silly. *haha....* i guess having such a younger sibling does have its perks......
in the afternoon, my sibs and i cooked up a storm. it was my parents' 22nd anniversary, and we pulled out all the stops and made a 4 course dinner for my parents to enjoy..... i was apparently the chief chef.... mui was the ever-eager waitress and ben was the resident photographer. the menu consisted of: soup, cheesy garlic bread, salad, salmon, mashed potatoes, pasta, topped off by banana split icecream sundaes (hungry yet?). my parents asked if they could recommend us to other couples. *hahahahahahaha........* right. riiiight. then we all sat down to watch 'cheaper by the dozen'. then it was the ever tedious job of dishes. i must admit, it was really really fun to do the whole dinner! and the food wasn't so bad either, if i do say so myself! *grin*

i've been here at work for almost an hour..... not a single customer. ho hum...... it's an eeyore-ish day.


decision decisions......

federal election coming up..... decision 2004 is right. i have absolutely NO IDEA who to vote for. fellow canadians, do u have any idea?? *grrr* it's so difficult. maybe i sound silly to u.... maybe u know exactly who to vote for. any advice anyone?? voting liberal is absolutely out of the question. i think both my parents are voting conservative because of their stand on social issues like same-sex marriage and abortion. *bleh* good for the conservatives..... i completely agree with them that all laws should be passed in the parliament and not made by a bunch of judges in a court. why must they be so wishy-washy about other issues of importance to me? (have u gone to read their platform?? it's concise but it basically tells u NOTHING) i would much prefer to vote ndp or green (although they have not a hope of winning....), but they think "progressively" about the afore-mentioned social issues. u know what that means *double bleh* my conscience would not peacefully allow me to vote for them, i think. man....... it's enough to make a girl's head spin..... there is no perfect party, and there is no perfect gov't. worse, there is no Godly party or gov't. this country really needs prayer......


Lord hear our cry, hear our prayers
We’re calling You to come and heal our nation
We lift one voice today, come fill our hearts again
With the prayers of Jesus Christ, the Righteous One

Oh Canada
We stand on God for Thee
With true Christian love
At the Holy Son’s command
Oh Canada
With glowing hearts we pray
With the power of the Spirit
In the name of Jesus Christ

We need Your heart, we need Your vision Lord
So Your Righteousness would come and fill our nation
We humbly bow beneath Your hand
We’re trusting in You God, in You Jesus

©2003 SONshines music
music & lyrics –Joe BevAcqua


FLAMES WON!!!!!!! *woot woot!*


why helloooooo! it's been awhile hasn't it? weeell, several ppl have mentioned my lack of posts, so i figured that it's high time that i post a quickie, even if it isn't about anything worthwhile. *grin* just a shout-out to let u know that i AM still alive! *heehee* in actuality, i did have another longish post all typed up, only that got erased somehow, and at that point my patience was no more, so i didn't want to type it all up again. if this happens AGAIN this time, i am gonna be soooo super mad!

alright then, quick update, although most of u prolly know how life goes at the moment. ^-^

well, school's done..... i have nthg to complain about, praise God! i don't know yet if i'm on the dean's list this year (fingers crossed that i'll get my scholarship back!), but i'll leave that up to The Big Guy too.

He blessed me with a job! for which i am MOST thankful! ^-^ it's so difficult to get hired these days..... they all want someone "with experience"..... but, pray tell, HOW does one go about getting experience if no one hires u?! i work at a little bookshop..... (havenbooks) they're not that busy in the summer (actually, not at all... yesterday work consisted of eating pizza, chatting a whole lot, vacuming the store, and playing 'net games.... with a few customers thrown in *grin*), so i don't get many hours, but i still love the job...... my bosses are all kewl as well. ^-^ and then there's my ongoing job tutoring rachel, carmen's little cousin.

hmm what else? i went to see shrek 2 last nite with my siblings.... it was hilarious. definitely go see it....... maybe not on the big screen, but definitely go see it. and see it through to the end.... there's a lil' tidbit after the credits finish rolling. watched miss. universe too.... hey carmen, remember that year we watch miss.america and i picked miss. hawaii who won? it happened again! this time i picked miss australia. *heehee*

hmm, i can't think of what else to post about...... plus stargate (on tv) is pulling at my attention. until next time.....


so! i just had the anthropology exam..... well i actually got out at 10. i started at 9. i HOPE that means i knew my stuff! it wasn't that difficult, although the prof didn't test as much on the textbook as i thought he would, so that was time wasted i suppose. oh well. better safe than sorry. on the other hand, he wanted us to know more ppl than i thought we had to know, so there WAS some (educated??) guessing going on too. surprised that i knew functionalism as well as i did though..... i suppose it was time well spent that i spent so long on that lecture, whose notes were so very wordy and confusing! (eg: "SOCIAL FACTS is a category of facts which present very special characteristics: they consist of manners of acting, thinking, and feeling external to the individual, which are invested with a coercive power by virtue of which they exercise control over him." goodness i'm still not sure what that means..... *heehee*) yes.... and then i got my big paper back, which i thought i'd BOMBED b/c it was too short (i was hoping for a B at best....). on the contrary! A- baby! praise God! i was soooo happy..... *big smile* i was gonna settle for a B- in this class, but maybe i'll be doing better..... scholarship here i come! God is indeed good. i would've never asked for this.

the end is soooooo near i can nearly taste it..... i'm almost done guys! (haha.... i'll be stressed again soon enough, but this is my moment of victory)

other things.....
i discovered the coolest
  • radio station
  • online (click on y rock, not y pop)..... it just plays christian rock (or the "positive alternative" as they call it) all the time..... all the ppl i like too, with some bands i never had opputunity to listen to b4. nevermind that i heard relient k's "forward motion" like 5 times yesterday...... *heehee!*

    today's weather is really vancouver-y. wet and warm......

    alright, pollutants here i come. =) oh carmen, i'm online as long as i'm at school..... a round of 'flags??? *heehee* ^-^ u've got me hooked!


    procrastination is a lovely thing......

    here's something utterly random to do: reach into the nearest container/ drawer/ bag/ garbage can/ whatever, and grab the first thing u touch. post the item here and where u took it from...... then perhaps if it was something u shouldn't have taken like someone's unmentionables from the laundry basket, perhaps it would be a good idea to put it back where u got it. *grin*

    *heehee* i'm hoping for some interesting comments. ^-^ more to amuse myself with during this super bland time of studying......
    *heehee* now that i have begun to test the waters of html, it's kinda fun. just to let u guys know (for those who use my friends' links) carmen's link has been changed (as her blog has now been changed! to smthg i can comment on! *yay!*) and a new link has been added for leon. *clap clap clap* let's give a hearty welcome to the ip's! (well minus sonshine as she's been linked for awhile.... *heehee*)

    yep yep.... just travellin farther down the path of self-destruction............ ok ok ok, i'll go study now.


    aaah! how can the sens be losing! man this sucks........ *argh*

    hmm.... other news. haven't got much.... haven't posted in awhile either! well....... i went to the protest against bill c250 on saturday... it was frigid out. the protest itself was alright i guess... the speeches (that i heard while i was still there anyhow) were pretty good.... stayed on topic and didn't attack ppl.... not like the protest against same-sex marriage in the summer. although there was that little jest about mp robinson.... wasn't criticizing or anything though, and plus someone in the crowd was yelling at him to get back on track..... rude but true. =P i wonder if it did any good? i hope so.... i think this would impact me more than it would've the same-sex marriage issue.

    whatelse......? hmm.... two more exams to go.... both next week. plus a take-home.... i think i need to buckle down and get some work done. but this "early summer" has been nice so far. i went to the market today with my family, then to tucker's for dinner *mmmm yummy!* b/c it was my dad's birthday. and then went to loblaw's to pick up my photos. these were the ones i took with my manual that i still don't know how to use really... the first roll i took didn't even come out b/c they were all over- or under-exposed, so this time i left everything in standard. they came out this time! granted, alot of them were blurry b/c the shutter speed was too slow, but mostly the shots just look artistic. what a fluke. ^-^

    anyway, now it's time for desert! so off i go. *mmm tira misu...* have u guys had it? italian food has got to be the yummiest. ok it's drenched in coffee, but i'll make the exception. *smile*

    man! the sens are comin home defeated.... so disappointing. -_-


    happy birthday to meeee.......

    so. indeed it is my birthday..... i am so old now! can't believe i am now two decades old..... how terrible. *grin* actually, i think to be in ur twenties is prolly the best.... u are not too young but not too old either. what a horrible time of year for a birthday! i spent the day studying..... it is about 9:22 pm now and i am still at school. in my lounge. as are 6 other ppl! it's nice that i am not alone. i especially thank God that He sent my friend janet to school..... b/c she is also studying genetix. i have two exams tomorrow and everyone else in here is studying for my other exam in chem, so if janet hadn't shown up i wouldn't've studied bio at all! and then i would be dead for sure...... now i feel like i might have a chance. praises! i still feel as though my marks in both subjects have been compromised though..... just b/c my attn has been split b/w the two. ah well...... i can only do my best, ne? i must leave the rest of it to God..... trusting is a horribly difficult lesson to learn; it is in our nature to want to know things...... (here stems the nightmare called "the pursuit of knowledge".... *hehe*) but we just can't know everything, now can we?

    other presents from God that are reasons for praise:
    =a GORGEOUS day outside today! blue skies always lift my spirits..... He must've done it just for me. *heehee*
    =very supportive parents
    =wonderful friends...... the ones who gathered in orleans and baked me a cake and then shared it with me..... and also the ones who are encouragement to me just b/c they are here at school right now studying just as hard as i am (maybe even harder!), and who sang a rousing "happy birthday" to me a few minutes ago.

    *yay!* God is indeed good...... sure i would've preferred an easy birthday where i could go out and celebrate..... but i must admit that today wasn't half-bad!

    ok, back to the books........



    whatever the purpose of the human life may be, it cannot possibly be the pursuit of knowledge......... a million disgruntled students can prolly attest to that!


    just grey......

    hmm..... i sometimes wonder how transparent and genuine i'm being. it seems like nthg happens to me.... all there ever is when ppl ask me "what's up" is "school"....... am i fooling everyone? i don't think so. it really does take up pretty much all of my day..... otherwise there is family and church. as much as i want one i still don't have much of a social life..... i don't have relationship problems with any of my friends and i don't have boy problems and i'm not in the pits right now b/c of anything. it seems that i lead a simple life...... maybe b/c i seek simplicity. i don't have stories to tell ppl when they ask me how i am.... and it's not b/c i'm putting up a facade. my life right now really is colourless! i hate having no colour...... i am an artist. i adore colour. well, maybe i'm just not colourFUL...... *bah.* maybe upon examination i would find tons of problems with me, but for now, i am "fine".

    on another note...... i really really hate how eloquence escapes me...... especially when i really want to say something but i don't know how, or worse, i say something anyway and it comes out all wrong. i would like to think that, sometimes, silence is indeed golden...... but when u're across the miles, how do u comfort someone with silence?? they're struggling and they've heard it all a thousand times. i would've liked to be there and just sit with them. i read their thoughts.... clearly everything that could ever be said has been said.... they don't need to hear it again. SOME comfort would've been nice to give..... some new thing to say might've been nice. some of my friends do it well..... they have a gift. i am in awe of the words that come out of them..... beautiful phrases. or else they know their hearts, and can say things w/o eloquence. i am neither gifted with speech nor knowledge of what my struggling friends need to hear....... and i also don't want to say things i don't mean, or make promises i can't keep. so i refrain from saying anything. silence shall be my gift. will u open it?


    i am really bored. yeah i know..... don't i have exams to study for? i suppose i SHOULD go study.... that would be the diligent, good-behaving thing to do. but since when was i either of those things??? well, for sure i'll regret this in a day or two.... but truthfully i don't even know where to start. how do i effectively study for genetics and env.chem?? ah well....... man..... someone should give me smthg to do. it's pointless posting..... i'm not even posting anything intelligent! aaaaaahh....... so. are u all done? studying diligently?? NOT being unwise? ok, i'm stopping.


    I SAW A HYBRID CAR ON THE ROAD YESTERDAY!!!! can u tell i'm excited?? *heehee*..... i'd heard about them lots and stuff but i've never seen one, especially not on the road. it looked sooo cute! now more than ever i want a hybrid car when i learn to drive and have enough money to get a car...... *heehee* my dad thought it was funny how i kept staring at it. the driver prolly thought i was weird too.

    on another note, i am at school once again! it's really becoming my home away from home. this time i'm doing a geology paper on gas hydrates. do any of u know what that is by any chance?? prolly not *heehee*..... it's a pretty new thing, and that's kinda what's cool about doing this paper..... b/c it's something that hasn't been well-established yet. =P ok, back to geek-dom i go. laterz!


    It’s strange how little things make all the difference…. A few different letters in a word change its total meaning. And all too often in the human mind, these “similar” words just all get lumped into one and we never stop to think about how different they really are. For example, take “peace-loving”, “peaceable” and “peace-maker”. We usually associate these terms with each other….. we assume that peace-makers are peaceable as well as peace-loving, but are these terms really automatically inclusive? I’d never thought about it til tonight. To be “peace-loving” and “peaceable” are both pretty passive terms, and to be either isn’t really risky. They’re also self-centred, in a sense. To be a “peace-maker”, on the other hand…. That takes action, and making peace can often be tricky and risky. Peace-making is also selfless, b/c u have to get out of ur comfort zone to make things work out between ppl. Being peace-makers is what God calls us to! Jesus said, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God” (Matt 5: 7).

    Which of the three am i? I would prolly call myself peaceable….. I hate conflict. I would rather stay silent than cause an uproar, and I would rather run and hide than fight. *heehee* I am such a chicken! But there it is….. I realize that being peaceable isn’t the be all and end all… there must be times when it is right for me to take a stand, as Jesus did when he turned out the market at the temple, for example. What a sight that must’ve been! But anyway, I digress…… the point is, I should learn to be firm. I know I am a timid person…. And more gentle than rough, but I need to learn to be firm too, b/c there are things that just cannot be compromised.

    here's a question for all of u: what are you? are you peace-lovers, peaceable or peace-makers? how far are u from being what God has called us to be?


    sweetness! after much bumbling about, i have discovered how to:
    1) enable comments on shards (lookit! such a perty shade of green.... oooh..........), and
    2) make links to other sites!

    waaay neat! u guys have to comment..... just to entertain my fancies. =P
    *bah!* how in the world can i get replies to work????? someone email me and tell me!
    i wonder if the blog back. thing works.....


    hey, question for my fellow blogspot users.... how do u add fav links to ur side-bar thingy?? i can't seem to find the right button to press.....=)
    ok, first post on the new blog..... upsaid is a big fat BUM and has suspended all free accounts unless we upgrade to their premium account (which means we have to pay.....). so here i am with a new blog..... at blogspot....... just like EVERYONE else. *heehee* so don't go to upsaid anymore! i won't be posting on it.

    it's silly that this' actually kinda true! what do u guys think? although if u ask some of the boys i don't think they would agree that i am "too nice to ppl". *grin*

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