Morning distractions

I was so close to making the express bus this morning.... but then I saw this in the morning light:

It looked so perfectly delicate, hanging at the end of the stem just so. Utterly soft and beautiful in the morning light. I couldn't resist. Tell me, how was I supposed to walk out without trying to capture it?

So I stopped. One shot turned into 10. I missed the bus.


So I checked the bus schedule to see when the next bus was coming...... 10 minutes 'til go-time. BUT THEN I saw the tulips. I couldn't resist:

Good thing I still made my bus. ;)

Pretty flowers, perfect morning light, a relatively good commute, and still getting to work relatively early...... a good start to the day!

Mmmm.... Did I promise Valentine's Day pictures? Really.... I should know better than to make promises I can't keep..... Soonsoonsoon. I promise. Whoops there I go again.......