Mindless (Metadata) Entry & Persistence

I've been working on entering metadata (data ABOUT data.... now that's interesting - NOT) for ONE protocol file today. It takes so dreadfully long to do one..... (and how many more do I have to go?!). The afternoon was mainly spent defining all the columns on one data sheet. More yawning. More trying to keep myself on task and at my desk by listening to Mark Driscoll preach on prayer (definitely go listen! It's fantastic. That man definitely has a gift for getting basic concepts across in a fresh, cut-to-the-heart, I-never-thought-of-it-that-way-before way. And there's plenty new things to digest too). Constant self-reminders about being a diligent worker and how that flows into adorning the gospel running through my head. And then FINALLY (Thank the Lord.... really.) I finish.

Only to discover that there are 4 more data sheets, all with the same columns, BUT (the cherry on top of the sundae of metadata PAIN) there is no way to paste over what I've done - meaning I have to repeat and repeat and repeat...... O_o

Oh the despair. You know that expression they use in literature, "and his face fell at the bad news"? Yeah. That. Me.

It's 5pm. I think I will go home and try this again tomorrow. Maybe I will get faster. Or maybe I will discover some brilliant way to copy and paste everything. Or maybe not, and my task is to persist. *sigh*

Father, even in this may You be glorified.....



After a week of plunging into the chaos that is NYC, meeting people and seeing old friends, lots and LOTS of shopping, unwinding in Amish country, lots of driving, lots of food, and plenty of quality family time - we are fiiiiinally home. Pulled into the driveway at 8:30am this morning in fact. Oi. o_O Now comes unpacking, cleaning, and getting back into the rhythm of things.

I’m leery of promising timely post-vacation blog entries and lots of flickr updating…. It would be quite the ambitious commitment for me.. *laughs* But here’s to making an honest effort.

On a slightly different note, I was playing around with one of those quiz thingies earlier (Yes, at work. It was a quiet day! Read: booooooored.....), and apparently something that makes me abnormal is that I would prefer having more time to having more money. Huh. What does that say about our generation?

So here are two questions for you today, my dear reader:
1. What are you making an honest effort to do today?
2. Would you rather have more time or more money?