so! i just had the anthropology exam..... well i actually got out at 10. i started at 9. i HOPE that means i knew my stuff! it wasn't that difficult, although the prof didn't test as much on the textbook as i thought he would, so that was time wasted i suppose. oh well. better safe than sorry. on the other hand, he wanted us to know more ppl than i thought we had to know, so there WAS some (educated??) guessing going on too. surprised that i knew functionalism as well as i did though..... i suppose it was time well spent that i spent so long on that lecture, whose notes were so very wordy and confusing! (eg: "SOCIAL FACTS is a category of facts which present very special characteristics: they consist of manners of acting, thinking, and feeling external to the individual, which are invested with a coercive power by virtue of which they exercise control over him." goodness i'm still not sure what that means..... *heehee*) yes.... and then i got my big paper back, which i thought i'd BOMBED b/c it was too short (i was hoping for a B at best....). on the contrary! A- baby! praise God! i was soooo happy..... *big smile* i was gonna settle for a B- in this class, but maybe i'll be doing better..... scholarship here i come! God is indeed good. i would've never asked for this.

the end is soooooo near i can nearly taste it..... i'm almost done guys! (haha.... i'll be stressed again soon enough, but this is my moment of victory)

other things.....
i discovered the coolest
  • radio station
  • online (click on y rock, not y pop)..... it just plays christian rock (or the "positive alternative" as they call it) all the time..... all the ppl i like too, with some bands i never had opputunity to listen to b4. nevermind that i heard relient k's "forward motion" like 5 times yesterday...... *heehee!*

    today's weather is really vancouver-y. wet and warm......

    alright, pollutants here i come. =) oh carmen, i'm online as long as i'm at school..... a round of 'flags??? *heehee* ^-^ u've got me hooked!


    procrastination is a lovely thing......

    here's something utterly random to do: reach into the nearest container/ drawer/ bag/ garbage can/ whatever, and grab the first thing u touch. post the item here and where u took it from...... then perhaps if it was something u shouldn't have taken like someone's unmentionables from the laundry basket, perhaps it would be a good idea to put it back where u got it. *grin*

    *heehee* i'm hoping for some interesting comments. ^-^ more to amuse myself with during this super bland time of studying......
    *heehee* now that i have begun to test the waters of html, it's kinda fun. just to let u guys know (for those who use my friends' links) carmen's link has been changed (as her blog has now been changed! to smthg i can comment on! *yay!*) and a new link has been added for leon. *clap clap clap* let's give a hearty welcome to the ip's! (well minus sonshine as she's been linked for awhile.... *heehee*)

    yep yep.... just travellin farther down the path of self-destruction............ ok ok ok, i'll go study now.


    aaah! how can the sens be losing! man this sucks........ *argh*

    hmm.... other news. haven't got much.... haven't posted in awhile either! well....... i went to the protest against bill c250 on saturday... it was frigid out. the protest itself was alright i guess... the speeches (that i heard while i was still there anyhow) were pretty good.... stayed on topic and didn't attack ppl.... not like the protest against same-sex marriage in the summer. although there was that little jest about mp robinson.... wasn't criticizing or anything though, and plus someone in the crowd was yelling at him to get back on track..... rude but true. =P i wonder if it did any good? i hope so.... i think this would impact me more than it would've the same-sex marriage issue.

    whatelse......? hmm.... two more exams to go.... both next week. plus a take-home.... i think i need to buckle down and get some work done. but this "early summer" has been nice so far. i went to the market today with my family, then to tucker's for dinner *mmmm yummy!* b/c it was my dad's birthday. and then went to loblaw's to pick up my photos. these were the ones i took with my manual that i still don't know how to use really... the first roll i took didn't even come out b/c they were all over- or under-exposed, so this time i left everything in standard. they came out this time! granted, alot of them were blurry b/c the shutter speed was too slow, but mostly the shots just look artistic. what a fluke. ^-^

    anyway, now it's time for desert! so off i go. *mmm tira misu...* have u guys had it? italian food has got to be the yummiest. ok it's drenched in coffee, but i'll make the exception. *smile*

    man! the sens are comin home defeated.... so disappointing. -_-


    happy birthday to meeee.......

    so. indeed it is my birthday..... i am so old now! can't believe i am now two decades old..... how terrible. *grin* actually, i think to be in ur twenties is prolly the best.... u are not too young but not too old either. what a horrible time of year for a birthday! i spent the day studying..... it is about 9:22 pm now and i am still at school. in my lounge. as are 6 other ppl! it's nice that i am not alone. i especially thank God that He sent my friend janet to school..... b/c she is also studying genetix. i have two exams tomorrow and everyone else in here is studying for my other exam in chem, so if janet hadn't shown up i wouldn't've studied bio at all! and then i would be dead for sure...... now i feel like i might have a chance. praises! i still feel as though my marks in both subjects have been compromised though..... just b/c my attn has been split b/w the two. ah well...... i can only do my best, ne? i must leave the rest of it to God..... trusting is a horribly difficult lesson to learn; it is in our nature to want to know things...... (here stems the nightmare called "the pursuit of knowledge".... *hehe*) but we just can't know everything, now can we?

    other presents from God that are reasons for praise:
    =a GORGEOUS day outside today! blue skies always lift my spirits..... He must've done it just for me. *heehee*
    =very supportive parents
    =wonderful friends...... the ones who gathered in orleans and baked me a cake and then shared it with me..... and also the ones who are encouragement to me just b/c they are here at school right now studying just as hard as i am (maybe even harder!), and who sang a rousing "happy birthday" to me a few minutes ago.

    *yay!* God is indeed good...... sure i would've preferred an easy birthday where i could go out and celebrate..... but i must admit that today wasn't half-bad!

    ok, back to the books........



    whatever the purpose of the human life may be, it cannot possibly be the pursuit of knowledge......... a million disgruntled students can prolly attest to that!


    just grey......

    hmm..... i sometimes wonder how transparent and genuine i'm being. it seems like nthg happens to me.... all there ever is when ppl ask me "what's up" is "school"....... am i fooling everyone? i don't think so. it really does take up pretty much all of my day..... otherwise there is family and church. as much as i want one i still don't have much of a social life..... i don't have relationship problems with any of my friends and i don't have boy problems and i'm not in the pits right now b/c of anything. it seems that i lead a simple life...... maybe b/c i seek simplicity. i don't have stories to tell ppl when they ask me how i am.... and it's not b/c i'm putting up a facade. my life right now really is colourless! i hate having no colour...... i am an artist. i adore colour. well, maybe i'm just not colourFUL...... *bah.* maybe upon examination i would find tons of problems with me, but for now, i am "fine".

    on another note...... i really really hate how eloquence escapes me...... especially when i really want to say something but i don't know how, or worse, i say something anyway and it comes out all wrong. i would like to think that, sometimes, silence is indeed golden...... but when u're across the miles, how do u comfort someone with silence?? they're struggling and they've heard it all a thousand times. i would've liked to be there and just sit with them. i read their thoughts.... clearly everything that could ever be said has been said.... they don't need to hear it again. SOME comfort would've been nice to give..... some new thing to say might've been nice. some of my friends do it well..... they have a gift. i am in awe of the words that come out of them..... beautiful phrases. or else they know their hearts, and can say things w/o eloquence. i am neither gifted with speech nor knowledge of what my struggling friends need to hear....... and i also don't want to say things i don't mean, or make promises i can't keep. so i refrain from saying anything. silence shall be my gift. will u open it?


    i am really bored. yeah i know..... don't i have exams to study for? i suppose i SHOULD go study.... that would be the diligent, good-behaving thing to do. but since when was i either of those things??? well, for sure i'll regret this in a day or two.... but truthfully i don't even know where to start. how do i effectively study for genetics and env.chem?? ah well....... man..... someone should give me smthg to do. it's pointless posting..... i'm not even posting anything intelligent! aaaaaahh....... so. are u all done? studying diligently?? NOT being unwise? ok, i'm stopping.


    I SAW A HYBRID CAR ON THE ROAD YESTERDAY!!!! can u tell i'm excited?? *heehee*..... i'd heard about them lots and stuff but i've never seen one, especially not on the road. it looked sooo cute! now more than ever i want a hybrid car when i learn to drive and have enough money to get a car...... *heehee* my dad thought it was funny how i kept staring at it. the driver prolly thought i was weird too.

    on another note, i am at school once again! it's really becoming my home away from home. this time i'm doing a geology paper on gas hydrates. do any of u know what that is by any chance?? prolly not *heehee*..... it's a pretty new thing, and that's kinda what's cool about doing this paper..... b/c it's something that hasn't been well-established yet. =P ok, back to geek-dom i go. laterz!


    It’s strange how little things make all the difference…. A few different letters in a word change its total meaning. And all too often in the human mind, these “similar” words just all get lumped into one and we never stop to think about how different they really are. For example, take “peace-loving”, “peaceable” and “peace-maker”. We usually associate these terms with each other….. we assume that peace-makers are peaceable as well as peace-loving, but are these terms really automatically inclusive? I’d never thought about it til tonight. To be “peace-loving” and “peaceable” are both pretty passive terms, and to be either isn’t really risky. They’re also self-centred, in a sense. To be a “peace-maker”, on the other hand…. That takes action, and making peace can often be tricky and risky. Peace-making is also selfless, b/c u have to get out of ur comfort zone to make things work out between ppl. Being peace-makers is what God calls us to! Jesus said, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God” (Matt 5: 7).

    Which of the three am i? I would prolly call myself peaceable….. I hate conflict. I would rather stay silent than cause an uproar, and I would rather run and hide than fight. *heehee* I am such a chicken! But there it is….. I realize that being peaceable isn’t the be all and end all… there must be times when it is right for me to take a stand, as Jesus did when he turned out the market at the temple, for example. What a sight that must’ve been! But anyway, I digress…… the point is, I should learn to be firm. I know I am a timid person…. And more gentle than rough, but I need to learn to be firm too, b/c there are things that just cannot be compromised.

    here's a question for all of u: what are you? are you peace-lovers, peaceable or peace-makers? how far are u from being what God has called us to be?