Glimpses of Nicaragua.....

Trying my hardest these days to get through all the photos from our drill trip. I've been posting some here, and attempting to be less cryptic about what's going on in the photos too - compared to the first trip to Guatemala. Check back often! Sooner or later the whole set will make it up. And then hopefully, the stories will follow too. :)


aaaand we're back.

We made it home! After almost-three wonderful, adventure-filled weeks, Miss Jean and I are home again. We're getting re-situated into Ottawa-life, and I'm getting into the herculean task of processing a mountain load of photos. Fortunately (for Franki), there are some imposed-by-others deadlines for getting the photos done as soon as possible, so it won't be forever and a half before they see the light of day. ;) I'm hoping to post some photos along with little stories here too.... I have lots of half-formed ideas about that, but more to come.

For now, I'm wishing that a loud alarm would go off whenever your skin was in the process of getting sun-burned. Or that there would at least be a loud sizzling noise. It sure would help..... especially when the burning involves one's scalp.


Leaving on a jet plane.....

In a few hours, I'll be on my way. Heading south. First to Nicaragua: Unknown. Promising. Exciting. Then to Belize.... it almost feels like I'm going home; there are so many memories there.

I forfeited sleep tonight.... yes because there were many many last-minute things to do, but also.... I find it so hard to sleep before a big trip! The thought that WOW, this time tomorrow I will be in a completely other world! keeps my mind running around in endless circles. Also, plane travel thrills me... I don't know what it is. But to get on a plane, spend a few hours above the clouds, then descend to find yourself a thousand miles away from home..... wheee. I don't even really mind airports. :p

And even sweeter still? This time, Miss Jean will be with me! To share the next few weeks of experiences with her makes me so happy. There's nothing quite like shared nostalgia on those days a couple months down the road when you're missing it all.

So yep.... things'll be quiet around here for a few weeks. Until then, I leave you with this:Um. Don't ask. I don't think I would have an answer for you.