i can't believe i'm done............
............ someone pinch me.

it's so surreal. i've been so immersed on scholastics for the past while, being passed from one subject to another, and then all of the sudden....... it's over. the day i've been dreaming of is suddenly reality, and all the bright oppurtunities that summer offers is suddenly free for the taking. *satisfied sigh*

so first day of freedom...... i've been at work. *heehee.... out from one pit and into another huh? it's really not so bad.* i was at the store by myself for half the day, and next to no one came in because of the rain. needless to say, i was bored. so i picked up an anthology on folk and fairy tales, and i started to read, and i found something that struck me as interesting:

to wait a bit in choosing a husband
rich, courteous, genteel and kind;
that is understandable enough.
but to wait a hundred years, and all the time asleep, not many maidens would be found with such patience.
this story, however, seems to prove
that marriage bonds,
even though they be delayed, are none the less blissful,
and that one loses nothing by waiting.
but maidens yearn for the wedding joys
with so much ardour
that i have neither strength nor the heart
to preach this moral to them.

any guesses as to which tale this is referring to?? *heehee* i'll elaborate on this later..... for now, home i go! ^-^


good gracious...... my brain has never felt so FULL before! "full capacity" has just taken on a whole new meaning for me....... it totally does not help that the two subjects i'm studying for simultaneously are totally different and all the terms from both subjects are getting combined into one long word list in my head..... isn't that lovely. "phalanx" and "trepanning" are getting mixed up with terms like "hydraulic gradient" and "salt intrusion". greeeeeat. they'll be all nicely amalgamated by the time my exam rolls around tomorrow evening........

just wanted to show carmie the product of my procrastination earlier today (i promise i was much more focused after this!) -- aren't they perty?? ^-^

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things that cheer me:

~ the pounding thunder of the rideau river after it awakes from its winter slumber:

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~ corny star wars jokes:
"Why is the force like a roll of duct tape?"

~ the first true clue that spring is here:

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~ awsome strappy leather sandals for under $10!

~ curious seagulls that aren't afraid to get their picture taken:

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~lego. ("they're so stumpy!")