Dear Columbia,

I needed new hiking boots. I must confess, I didn't want to seem a shallow brand-loyalist, so I tried hard not to pick your boots. I briefly entertained a commitment to Wind River boots.... but in the end your fantastic track record (through snow, sleet, mountain, mud, and river.....), waterproof-ness, and Omnigrip won me over.

I tried so hard to resist.


Even in defeat, I must say that I do not regret choosing you You have rightly earned my loyalty, and I will never stray again.



Subversive God

"Subversive Jesus and His Trojan Horse".

At first glance, the title intrigued me. Where is the link between Jesus and the famed Trojan horse that led to the downfall of Troy? But read this article.... it makes you think. And it's a good thing to think on, especially at the start of the year, the time of fresh starts and new beginnings. Especially during this time in my life, when the question of "What is Jesus' goal for my life" - in the career/life's work sense as well as in the "general progress" sense that Packiam is talking about - is part of my daily thought life. Read this. It's good stuff to think on.

"This faith that we've embraced, this Life that we have taken into our hearts, will be our undoing. And it means to be that. It's designed to be the end of us...... He is the Trojan Horse of blessing that we readily welcome into our hearts without knowing His mission to destroy us." (Glenn Packiam)

Full article here.