Too good not to share.....

Well. More than a month later and we Ottawans are still without public transportation. Thankfully, I feel like I've fared pretty well despite the situation. There has been alot less jaunts downtown or to Chapters to unwind, but I think my piggybank thanks me for that. ;) Nevertheless, I really hope this gets sorted out soon!

But WAIT.... think we've had enough winter fun in the Great White North? Wait til you hear what fun is heading for us next! Snow squalls, extreme windchill (-35°C anyone?), 15 cm of snow... take your pick. Hey, why not take all three?

So be sure to bundle up warm tomorrow... stay inside if you can! And while you're snuggled up (ideally with a cozy sweater, thick blanket, and hot chocolate!), enjoy this great story by an immensely creative little girl: