A Different Way of Seeing.....

I read this today. I think for me, I need to replace "laundry" with "washing dishes". Those who know me well will know that this is THE chore that I dread..... the chore that I will "forget" to do some nights.... the chore I will purposely ignore other nights. If you live with me, you will know that I try to get out of doing this chore as much as I can, most nights. :p Why do I hate it so? Like Andrea, I feel like doing dishes is "a time-consuming job that never ends". You're stuck in the kitchen by yourself, cleaning up everyone else's mess, while they're off doing whatever they'd like. AND as soon as you finish, the late eater or the snacker will deposit another dirty dish in the sink. Arrrrrrrgh. >.<

BUT. This post gave me such perspective, letting me realize that even dirty dishes are something to be thankful for. They are evidence of God's blessings to us.... His gifts of abundant food to nourish our bodies with, a home to cook and eat and wash in, and loved ones to share it with. You can't really hold a grudge when you realize all that you've been given, can you? :)

Head on over to the FlourishingMother blog if you've got time. Andrea writes really thoughtfully, and it's refreshing to read about her life. Also, she's a voracious reader (yay!) and often cites the most interesting and insightful passages. I've been so inspired to pick up books I never would have considered before because of her!