ooh ooh! here's a one question survey for everyone: what's something quirky that you enjoy doing? *grin* i'd love to see what turns up.....

and what's mine? untangling hopelessly tangled string/yarn/thread! *haha* is that totally random or what? i think it's something to do with the feeling of gratification u get when the whole chaotic mass finally comes apart and sorts itself out...... *heehee* :D


Alright guys….. at long last! New years pictures from the Wong family photo album. *grin* Had to go the long route to get these posted all together…. Don’t ask. (yikes….. hello coupled with lagging internet does not a good combination make) Anyway anyway. Without further ado, it’s the year of the rooster guys! ^-^

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oh gosh...... how am i a sock?!??? i do NOT fall for the opposite sex easily..... *shakes head* although i must say lyds.... that quiz was fun fun fun! i love random ways to procrastinate. ^_________^

You are a sock.

You are a cozy, fuzzy, warm-hearted person. A lot of your friends describe you as a hopeless romantic. You fall for the opposite sex very easily. But be careful, because usually you don't know what you are getting into, and because you are very sensitive, you can get hurt... especially in early relationships. Also, don't exclude the cold-hearted from your "want-list", because they just might be looking for a kind person to warm up their heart.... or a sock to warm up their feet.

Most compatible with: Toilet Paper.

Click here -- What Random Object Represents Your Inner Self?

oh, and also to lyds: i'm in THIRD YEAR and i am single single single! single as a lone lost sock. so no fear.... u won't be the only one breaking "the construct".... although if i were inclined to worry about such things i would have to worry more about becoming part of the stereotype..... not sought after as u are, darling! ^-^


chocolate mocha yumminess! *heehee* here's the result of today's baking..... only four turned out perfectly shaped, and i gave two to auntie jennifer and uncle jim. so one left for dad and one left for mum...... lots of irregular bits left though that go great with ice cream.... *grin* made with zavida french vanilla coffee.... i suppose u coffee addicts will appreciate that! *lol* it is indeed coffee-ish.... hence i highly recommend having with ice cream. ^-^

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ooooh hello makes me mad...... i wanted to post up a whole slew of pictures, but it treats each picture as a separate post! grr....... so no new years pictures.... -_-' many apologies..... i think i have a way to get around this obstacle, but it'll take awhile. so new years pictures another day.... 'tis high time for beddy-byes!


*sigh......* i've been neglecting my poor bloggy.... how many times since my last post have i clicked on the link to shards, and look. and look. i should post? i think to myself. but what would i post about? my mind continuously draws blanks. later then maybe..... later, i promise. and so it goes..... the vicious cycle (ha..... is that how it's spelled? prolly not). i've been wanting to post, honest. (i must justify my non-postage to my non-existent readers.....) i've been wanting to post about how nostalgic i've been feeling, about tasting a chantico for the very first (and the very LAST, i assure you!) time, about an interesting conversation at work, about finding a thesis for next year. but *sigh* i've done none of it. i suppose i can blame it on being busy, but really. does that excuse really hold up anymore? i can't believe so. i waste too much of my time. God gives me enough time and i throw it out the back window. i'd rather sit in front of the boob tube and do nothing...... afterall. it's so much easier to be complacent. i have become a professional time-waster..... all of yesterday i did ZERO work. i woke up late, ate very slowly, did laundry, watched tv, read a book. nevermind that i have school work to do....... *sigh* God, teach me to manage my time better. i'm doing a horrible job.

strange emotions coursing through me lately..... all nostalgic and melancholy for no reason at all. nostalgia..... i've been dying to watch the rocketeer and seaquest DSV. *haha* does anyone remember those? the first is a movie and the second a tv show..... *sigh* how i miss them. thank you so VERY much to (older) tim lee for digging out his old tapes for me! ^-^ the rocketeer will have to wait, i suppose. i dug out my old cassettes and listened to them too. geez, aren't old ppl getting on in their years the ones that are supposed to feel nostalgic? i feel so silly. -_-; and melancholy..... yes, alot of that. i go to church and i question why i'm there. for no reason at all. ever have those days? when clouds just hang over u and u want to be left alone, but u really don't know why. and the part of u that doesn't understand really wants to be with people. but during those times i really am not sociable. so if i look a bit lifeless, just drifting on by, that's why...... it's so strange. i'm not sad, or mad at anything or anyone. but days like this...... it's difficult to be joyful. i still struggle with what true joy is. what makes it different from happiness? of course, i've heard it explained before..... i know what the difference is SUPPOSED to be. but what i know in my head i can't reconcile to my heart or my soul. so does that mean then that i have never felt true joy? that the "joy" i've felt all along has been superficial happiness?? that's a yucky thought. God, teach me what true joy is.

right now i am stuck at church (*sigh*.... such is the life of a 20-year-old that can't drive, i suppose!). i feel like i'm am again wasting my time. but then..... perfect time to post! *lol* and so i have. i HAD planned to go home and bake for valentine's day, but alas..... no ride home. later then, maybe.


another thing about this senseless melancholy-ness (ha.... making up words here).... it goes as swiftlyas it comes. i spent three minutes with kathryn, and things are as right as rain again. *lol* the human psyche. how strange it is...... and how good it is that God puts things and people in our lives that can so effectively lift out spirits. ^-^