ooooooh! it's green! I'm so impressed. *lol* for some reason i've never noticed that i can post in another coloured text. or maybe it's smthg new. :P

i'm at work again...... still no internet at home. lots going on these days. melly's here to visit! and her family's flying in today...... more craziness. nary a moment to myself, but it's all good. i don't get to see her enough. ^-^ it's just a bummer that i haven't done much with her this week because i've been working quite a bit. ooh! we got new counters and computers at work! and new software as well! touchscreens are the absolute bomb. *heeheehee*

registration for this school term has been utterly frusterating. SO many complications, and it ends up that i'm not even able to take the courses i want, even after all the hastle (moose-moose: i don't think the OU courses are gonna fly! :( ) . and i had the hardest time making things fit! *grrrr* u'd THINK that getting to choose your courses would be great...... hmm. not so much. oh well...... it's kinda settled for now. just one more thing to register for, as soon as the class gets added to the class registry list.

ookaaaay...... not much else to say. i'm just killing time until my shift is done. *grin* can u believe that there's nothing pressing to be done at work today? yay!

"... all these centenarians, -- Prince Riquet, Carabas, Little Red Riding-Hood, Bluebeard, and others. They play with the children, they amuse the elders, there seems to be no end to their fund of spirits and perennial youth.....

No wonder; the stories are only histories of real, living persons turned into fairy princes and princesses. Fairy stories are everywhere and every day. We are all princes and princesses in disguise, or ogres or wicked dwarfs. All these histories are the histories of human nature, which does not seem to change very much in a thousand years or so, and we don't get tired of the fairies because they are so true to it."
-from Folk & Fairy Tales
(Hallett & Karasek, eds.)