It's Been Awhile.........

Wow. End of July already! Isn't it depressing how fast the summer flies..... it's been a packed summer! Flying off to serve again in a foreign country...... building new and old relationships....... getting highly involved at church..... exploring all sorts of new places and events in Ottawa....... so much has been happening in everyone's lives! Not to say that this is summer's end..... there is one month left before things settle down into the regular rhthym of school, and until then I'm sure every moment will be full. :)

Not much time to post anything really worth reading (I'm @ work right now.... it's a slow day but still! Can't spend too much time blogging..... :p), but I intend to soon! I've come across some great articles that I would love to share with you all, and I realize it's been almost exactly a year since I've had this blog lay-out.... might be time for a change. ^^ In the meantime, I've updated a bunch of links (on the right -->); of most note are the new links to photographers that I've become addicted to lately (esp. Pretty In Pink and NicoleVan). Check them out! They do a beautiful job of capturing and immortalizing every moment of the day! *sigh* Oh to take photos like that of the people around me some day........ ^-^

More soon!