Mommies and babies

Recently, my family and I spent an afternoon at Homestead Heritage, eating great food, visiting the homestead, and spending time together. I noticed that a few of my photos from that day are of mommies and their babies and thought it was especially appropriate since that was right around mother's day:


........... mommy and baby.

Mommy and babies.

And of course, my favorite of all:

 ....... mommy and baby.

Happy belated Mothers' Day! :)


A problem and a list.

One of my (many) shortfalls as an aspiring shutterbug, is that most of what I shoot gets buried in storage, never processed and never seen by anyone. It's so easy to take a hundred shots...... but processing them? Something else entirely.

Is there a good way to circumvent this constant problem?

I haven't come up with anything brilliant yet (suggestions?).... but in the mean time, I figure a list and a few loose deadlines might help:

- family photos (ASAP! In time for the accompanying card to get to Dad in time for Father's day)
- Costa Rica photos (within the next week.... I need the photos as leverage. Also in all fairness, I shouldn't take off on another overseas trip without closing out the last one, yes?)
- OT Hayward dinner photos (before said overseas trip takes place in July)
- wetland well drilling photos (preferrably also before said overseas trip..... also need these for leverage.)

Hmm that sure is alot of photos to get through before the end of the summer. Let's see what goals can do!


Today I saw.....

... a very clever bumper sticker:

... a book that so very much inspires me to try quilting:

... and a book that I'm not so sure about. Erm, really???


First of the season

The different climate of Texas is still something I'm not quite used to..... While I aDORE Texan winters, the early onset of high temperatures and scorching sun is still unpleasant. If I were still in Canada, I would still be in my winter gear, shuffling through the season's final snows!

Another thing that I am still not used to is how early you can start planting the year's gardens. In Canada, one would still merely be dreaming about what one wants to plant that year. For us, though, Lauren and Laura have been building our garden for months! Laura has had flowers rotating through her little flower patch by her window all winter long, in fact. A little while ago, we dug Lauren some vegetable patches, where she sowed various veggie seeds. We were all pleasantly surprised to see little radish tops poking through the earth earlier this week! We pulled a few..... aren't they such a beautiful colour?

I tried them, and they are SUPER spicy and earthy.... like a mix between what you would normally expect a radish to be, mixed with horseradish. Still..... It is so gratifying to eat something grown from your own yard. I mixed them into a salad and it was delicious! This salad in fact. I made it twice.... you can substitute chicken for tuna, or add no meat at all; both are equally yummy.