sweetness! after much bumbling about, i have discovered how to:
1) enable comments on shards (lookit! such a perty shade of green.... oooh..........), and
2) make links to other sites!

waaay neat! u guys have to comment..... just to entertain my fancies. =P
*bah!* how in the world can i get replies to work????? someone email me and tell me!
i wonder if the blog back. thing works.....


hey, question for my fellow blogspot users.... how do u add fav links to ur side-bar thingy?? i can't seem to find the right button to press.....=)
ok, first post on the new blog..... upsaid is a big fat BUM and has suspended all free accounts unless we upgrade to their premium account (which means we have to pay.....). so here i am with a new blog..... at blogspot....... just like EVERYONE else. *heehee* so don't go to upsaid anymore! i won't be posting on it.

it's silly that this' actually kinda true! what do u guys think? although if u ask some of the boys i don't think they would agree that i am "too nice to ppl". *grin*

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your best quality isyou dont follow the crowd
your worst quality isyoure too nice to people
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