Peeks from the phone || Look what I scored!

Things happen every day and we often use our phones to document them! 'Peeks from the phone' is meant to be a low-key way to capture life as it happens. It could be one photo or more; it could come with a blurb or let the title say it all! Join in the fun if you choose, and please leave a link in the comments if you do!

Working in the same building as the McLennan County Master Gardeners organization sure has its benefits. I got to work today and saw an abundance of seeds and starter trays that were all free for the taking! Since I live with two other ladies who love gardening (I'm not much of a gardener but I seem to be able to start seeds!) and eating vegetables, I was reeeally excited to bring some loot home with me. I didn't pick that many seed types (although it was tempting!), but chose the vegetables that we eat most often or like the most: carrots, tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, radishes.


Dustin' off the ol' blog

Weeeeell it's been awhile, hasn't it? Long enough that the season of bluebonnets has looong passed. Long enough that a new banner was called for, so here it is. A clear giveaway of what I do for a living. :p

It's been an eventful summer.... very full (although blissfully slower-paced) and gone all too soon. Some highlights in list-form:

  • We moved into a new house, and welcomed a new roomate and kitty into our little family. We are still very much in love! (with the house and the housemate... and the kitty. ^^)
  • Mum came to visit for two weeks
  • I sat in on a photography class... my very first! It was great to put some technical terms to things and LEARN
  • I went to COSTA RICA (another post in itself.... but that's where the photo for the banner came from!)
  • I went home to Canada for a visit. It was so needed and so much-enjoyed.

And that was it! All that sweet summer, gone in a blink. And we hit the ground running in the new fall semester.... everyone with new classes and projects. I started a new internship (here), and am busy writing up The Monster (ie, my thesis).

Fall semester also signaled a big change in my Sunday schedule.... God has been doing mighty things in church! A tangible result of that has been the amazing amount of people that come out to worship and get connected every Sunday..... which has resulted in our church leadership deciding to go from one service to three. Yeeeeah. My Sundays now usually start at 7am and end at 7:30pm...... not that I would change any of it. I may not get to stay up late on Saturdays or sleep in on Sundays, but I love doing it and being part of whatever incredible thing God is doing at Harris Creek right now. Playing with the band and hearing all those people sing out at the top of their lungs.... it is like nothing else.

Harris Creek @ the Palladium, 19:30 17:30 Sundays
photo (c) Harris Creek Baptist Church 2011