An adorable discovery

I've been in Baltimore this week for the National Ground Water Summit (my second time! Last year's was in Denver. Oh beautiful Colorado....). I personally had such a great time with Dr. Joe and my lab mates, Ryan and Michelle. We each presented research, attended alot of talks that interested and inspired us, ate our fair share of sea food, and did some sight-seeing as well (stay tuned for photos!). Overall, a great trip!

On our third day there, I was lining up in Barnes & Nobles to pay for some books (they had Calvin and Hobbes treasuries for $8.... no way were Ben and I going to pass those up!) and this adorableness caught my attention:
image (c) My Milk Toof Inhae Lee 2009 - 2011. All rights reserved.

Fortunately for my student-sized piggy bank, I didn't need to buy the book to discover the wonderful world of My Milk Toof. Go check out My Milk Toof's blogspot and see for yourself!