Dear Ottawa,

You are a beautiful city. Since moving here 8 years ago, I have enjoyed living here and discovering all there is to find out about you. I love the mix of city and country, the history of downtown, and the treasure trove of local shops and restaurants to explore. Some things I'm loving about you right now:

1. How the bridge to get to work is closed, making an already long commute even longer.
2. How the public transit drivers are striking.
3. The wack-load of snow that got dropped on us.... such that we wouldn't be able to reach the bus stops, even if the busses were running.
4. How my arms are now super buff (ha!) after 3 hours of shovelling your snowy gift and pushing cars out of snow banks.

I really do love you, Ottawa. I love you all year-round. Now if you would graciously skip winter and fast-forward to spring and the tulip festival, I would be ever so appreciative. Thanks!