Just a quick note

Spring break has come and gone.... hardly a blip amongst my days. Let me make this statement:

I so should not be here right now.... considering that I should be reading, or writing, or grading, or mapping, or maybe doing dishes/showering/sleeping (optional these days!)......

And yet I still don't hate it (watch me eat my words shortly!). Ha. This only from a dorky career-student! But y'know.... it's been nearly a month since my last post so I figure it's time to drop in here!

Really, spring break FEELS like it never happened, but it did. And it was important. And good. It was an adventure involving many airports and flight itineraries, and I got to see my family. My immediate family. I got to squish and poke my siblings, and got loved on by my mum and dad.

And - most importantly - I got to see my grandma:

It was very good to see her and spend some time with her. Honestly we don't know how much more time she has.... as she says, she is certain that Jesus keeps her alive every single day. Oh that we would be so aware of this reality!

Amongst the photos taken with Grandma that I so treasure, I think this last photo is one of my favorites. A part of my larger family that I don't get to see nearly enough:

It was really sweet to get time with the family. I enjoyed getting loved on by extra people, and hearing stories from my dad's youth (like how my aunt's convinced Dad to take the hit when they were all responsible for breaking Grandma's plate... and how she didn't buy the story and grounded them ALL) as well as more recent stories (like how my 80-plus grandma correctly diagnosed my uncle's heart condition when all the other specialists that he'd gone to said he had asthma.... the woman is still one kickass radiologist!).