MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!! hope ur holidays are a wonderful time of precious memories with family and friends, and a time to remember the ultimate Gift that was given us so many years ago. joy to the world! the Lord has come. (photo curtesy of shutterbug.... ^-^)

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I was complaining to God one day.

"Why can't life be fairer to me?!" I whined. And do you know what He said? In his painfully kind, patient, and quiet voice?

"It wasn't fair that I had to die for you."

Cold splash of truth: He's right. That was the most unfair of all. What He said struck me as so true and unfair that it made me cry. I asked Him then, "Why do You love me so much? That's unfair too, you know."

"I know. I still do. You won't understand it, but I always will."

just a thought ><(>


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wheeee! it worked! helloooooooooo!!!!!! who else has hello? look for me! username: avatre. that's u denise! *heehee* if u want the pictures, that is. *grin*
my hair is curly. delicious. ^-^ i did it for pauline and douglas' wedding yesterday.... *yey!* how i looove weddings! pauline was beautiful! and they were all smiles. i took a ridiculous amount of pictures. *heehee* as soon as i figure out hello, there'll be pictures to see here! *yeeeey!* i do wanna post smthg more serious here.... but maybe at a later hour. *heeee....* but in the meantime, here's another survey that was sent to me by my good friend sherie! *lol* didn't i say i liked doing these things?

1.What would you like to do that you haven't been able
to lately?: read for fun, draw.....

2. Name as it appears on birth certificate: Stephanie Shi En Wong

3.Nicknames: Steph, Stevie, Stephie

4. Piercing: 2 holes in each ear ^-^

5. What is the most recent movie you've seen in the
theatre? King Arthur.... boy that wasn't since the summer! hopefully i'll catch a few more over the holidays.....

6. Eye colour: dark brown

7. Place of birth: Hong Kong

8. Favourite food: hmm. i must say.... SHEPHERD'S PIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

9. Ever been toilet papering: *lol* nope. unless u count toilet papering the guys during pauline and douglas' wedding shower! ^-^

10. Love someone so much it made you cry: um..... not yet.

11. Been in a car accident: i think i've been in the car when we've gotten rear-ended before.... a loooong time ago.

12. Croutons or bacon bits: bacon bitty-bitty-bits!

13. Favourite day of the week: hm.i dunno! sunday or saturday!

14. Favourite Flower: sweet peas, daisies.... whatever's pretty, i must say. ^-^

15. Favourite Sport to watch: HOCKEEEEEEEYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! *sniffle* please come back, NHL! and summer olympic sports like gymnastics, diving, and rowing. ^-^

16. Favourite drink: oj with LOTS of pulp.... *lol* and i must admit that i do love coolers! the berry one's the best. ^____^

17. Favourite ice cream: cherry white chocolate. *mmm!* sublime.

18. Disney or Warner Brothers: do i have to choose? i'll go with disney i guess.... but they've both come up with good shows.

19. Favourite fast food restaurant: taco bell!!!!!!!!!! *droooool* and arby's! both of which u can't commonly get in ottawa. *tear*

20. Favourite colour for your bedroom carpet: something neutral and not outrageous..... like ugly red or green. *heehee*

21. How many times did you fail your driver's test: none! why? because i've never taken one! *muahaha*

22. Favorite place to be for the holidays: "i'll be HOME for christmas"..... or anywhere else with family and friends. ^-^

23.Which store would you choose to max out your credit card: IKEEEEAAAAA!!!!! naturally. *lol* and chapters.

24. What do you do most often when you are bored: *lol* i'm rarely ever really BORED. too many things i'd like to do. ^-^

25. Bedtime: almost never before 2am. *haha*

26. Who will respond to this e-mail the quickest: no one?

27. Who is the person you sent this to that is least likely to respond: i dunno!

28. Who are you most curious about their responses to this questionnaire? everyone!

29. Favourite TV shows: extreme makeover: home edition, me my house and i, inuyasha, stargate!

30. Last person you went to dinner with: eeeeeh...... my parents?

31. Ford or Chevy: i have no idea.

32. What are you listening to right now: nthg at the moment...... i WAS playing the theme from "beauty and the beast" but switched it off because of the tv. *grin*

33. What is your favourite colour: blue, green, red and yellow. and white, but does that count?

34. Lake, Ocean or river: ocean.... or river. *lol* i am sooo indecisive!

35. How many tattoos do you have: zero.

36. Time you finished this e-mail: 2:39 pm


i finished a paper. it's actually done..... days before it's due. why don't i feel accomplished? maybe because there's another one, twice as long, waiting to be done. great. wonderful. so why am i here, instead of madly plugging away at it? i dunno. u tell me. focus is smthg that is easily shattered. so porcrastination it is. for sure i'll kick myself HARD later...... but allow me a brief reprieve..... i'm not one that can go hard at academics days on end. also, i am prolly one of the few who actually like these things..... join me in this twiddling away of time if u'd like! i enjoy reading them too. *grin* (thnx to lyds.... i got this off her xanga)

0) Single or Taken: single
1) Your Full Name: Stephanie Shien Wong
2) Sex: female
3) Birthday: April 12
4) Sign: aries
5) Siblings: one brother (benji; 19) one sister (little b; 7)
6) Hair color: black
8) eye color: dark brown

*-;-* R e l a t i o n s h i p s*-;-*
1) Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: many! oh wait u mean THOSE.....
4) Did your crush send this to u? haha! i have a crush on lyds......
5) Where do u go 4 advice? mum and dad....
6) Are you in love? working on it....

*-;-*F a s h i o n S t u f f*-;-*
1)Where is your favorite place to shop: bluenotes, IKEA, salem's, value village
2)What do you wear most often: jeans, sweaters, t-shirts, hikers
3)What do you love to shop for? stationary, books and IKEA things
4)What kind of style do you have? dunno..... not any kind u can put a term to. mixed?

*-;-* T h e E x t r a S t u f f *-;-*
1) Do you do drugs?: no
2) What are you most scared of: living a life that denies Him, and being denied on The Day
3) What car do you wish to have? u mean after i actually get a license?!?? something small and cute..... preferably a hybrid of some sort.
4) What do you want to try out for a day? *haha* the list grows long here! archery... riding... fencing.... fashion designing..... interior designing...... being a rockstar! *lol* riiiight steph........

*~! F a V o r I t E !~*
1) Boys Name: Noah, Liam
2) Girls name: Merilee, Charlotte... too many to count
3) Subjects in school: geology, physical geography, ancient studies
4) Animals: kites (and most raptors in general), tigers, dolphins

*-;-* H a v e Y o u E v e r *-;-*
1) Given anyone a bath? yep.
2) Taken a shower with someone? sure.
3) smoked: no way.
4) Bungee jumped: *haha* don't think i'm gutsy enuf.
5) Broken the law: jay-walking?
6) Made yourself throw-up: yes.... by accident.
7) Gone skinny-dipping? ha! no.
8) Made yourself cry to get out of trouble? no.... can't make myself cry worth beans.

*-;-* 1 s t T h i n g T h a t C o m e s To M i n d *-;-*
1) Red: sassy! style. peppers.
2) cow: ben. *lol*
3) socks: white. comfy
4) Dog: want one! white samoyed.
5) Ocean: blue, vast
6) Chocolate: delish.

*-;-* Final Questions *-;-*
1) Do you like filling these out: yes..... am i strange?
2) How many people are you sending this to? zero
3) Who will send it back: nada
4) last film you saw at the cinema: King Arthur
5) Last person you talked to: mom/ Dr. Wigfield