Made my day

It all started when I put my hand in my pocket.

, I thought with a start, where's my bus pass??

It wasn't in my right hand jacket pocket like it usually was. I remember taking it out the night before. Apparently I hadn't put it back where it's supposed to go, which is silly because the only reason the buss pass had a designated pocket at all was to prevent situations exactly like this. After a few moments of frantic searching through my backpack, I sighed and got out some change to pay the bus fare. That'll teach me.

As I reached over to put the coins in the acceptor, the bus driver blocked it with his hand. "Wait a minute, don't you have a bus pass?" he inquired. I had gotten on the same bus the morning before, and apparently he remembered me! I smiled, impressed that he remembered. "Yeah, but I forgot it today."

He told me to wait and punched some keys on his keyboard. Then he grabbed the transfer that came out of the dispenser and handed it to me. "Here's a day pass. It'll get you home tonight. And I'll see you tomorrow with your pass!"

I couldn't have been more touched and thankful that Father had placed this man in my path today. What grace He gifts to us, every single day in big and small ways! In the end, I did end up finding my bus pass (it was in my backpack, hidden between some folders and books). I'll see who I can give my day pass to, so that this man's kindness can be paid forward. If any of you need to get home via OC Transpo tonight and don't have a pass, let me know. ;)

Thanks for making my day!