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I really like this. It neatly (and witfully!) sums up why I love photography so much. :)

Valentine's Day photos coming soon!


Please knock before entering....

Chinese new years was celebrated a couple of weeks ago, and this year found our family on a weekend jaunt down to Toronto to help dd move house. There was lots of driving (for Dad), lots of moving, painting, and sharpie action...

The finished space looks fab! It was great fun to paint the walls grey and red... and draw all over them. d created the mural design on the computer, which he copied onto a transparency. Then, using an old overhead projector, we projected the design onto the wall, and got busy tracing it all out/filling it in with sharpies. It was fun, and a quick job too with 4 people working on it together! It looks great, don't you think? The finished mural has this neat coppery sheen to it when light reflects off it.... but it really is just black. I love that d is all creative like that. I do think that he has the coolest, most "put-together" room out of us all now! (more photos of the room in process on my flickr) Not that I would trade my room for his. :p

And of course, a trip to T-dot just wouldn't be complete without lots of delicious food!!!

We had two great reasons to celebrate (not that you need any sort of great reason to eat.... seriously.) - Chinese New Year and b's birthday, which fell on the Saturday. We were also blessed to have some friends join us for dinner on Saturday. I hadn't seen them in a long time and it just so happened that they were in Toronto that weekend too!

It was a whirl-wind trip, but a sweet time with friends and family nevertheless. Happy year of the ox!

ps: More photos here.



After who-knows-how-long, my photos from Guatemala (a small selection of my "best" shots) are all posted! See the whole set here.

Also finally, I got around to making some changes around here. New banner (SO much better than the other one), and updated lists over to the right. Aaah.... it's nice to get stuff done!