If it was up to me my life would be a blue print on the table
And every year would have a label
I would know precisely the day that you would come and find me
I'd see your face (the one that I dream of)
I just can't wait ('cause I know)

Someday, someone's gonna change my life
Somehow, someone's gonna make me smile like I never have before
Someday, someday
Somewhere, someone's gonna steal my heart
Somehow, we'll never ever be apart
And I can't wait for that someday
Someday isn't so far away

I've laid awake at night wondering if I had wasted chances
Giving up too soon on small romances
Then I look outside you're under the same midnight sky and
You're waiting too (am I the one that you dream of?)
These dreams come true (and I know)

I guess I'll never know if I passed you on the street the other day
Or maybe you are far across the ocean
Oh but every night I pray to God that somehow
He would send him my way
Someday, someday, someday......

Someday isn't so far away

~PureNRG (C) 2007


Not a good day.

I rarely have bad days.

Most people would say that I am generally a cheery person. Just yesterday a colleague teased me for smiling even as I rant about how much something sucks.

I rarely have bad days.

But somehow, this week is shaping up to be on the dreary side of not-so-great. What a nice way to come home.