setting our sights on faraway lands.....

wow. it's SO interesting how so many of us are looking to step out of our comfort zones this summer...... looking to faraway places and seeing if God will lead us there to serve. it's so awsome to hear about all this passion! and finding the same awakening in myself......... it's amazing. it also strikes me as interesting that we are looking to more than just the church-sponsored projects....... let me clarify, there is NOTHING wrong with the ones that our church is involved with....... no project is unworthy, believe me. but somehow, i've always wondered what other oppurtunities there were out there.

nothing's written in stone for any of us yet, so i'm not gonna mention any specifics...... but i will ask all of you reading this to keep those of us that are considering, and those of us that God is working on, in your prayers. thaaanks! ^-^


heard this song for the first time a couple days ago... it was sooooo super sweet and struck a chord with the hopeless romantic in me, so much so that i couldn't resist hunting down the lyrics. ^-^ i know i know...... it's not valentine's day yet! so sue me. *pbbt.*

Chris Rice - When Did You Fall
From the album Amusing

You’re all smiles and silly conversation
As if this sunny day came just for you
You twist your hair, you smile and you turn your eyes away
C’mon, tell me what’s right with you
Now it dawns on me probably everybody’s talkin’
And there’s something here I’m supposed to realize
‘Cause your secret’s out, and the universe laughs at it’s joke on me
I just caught it in your eyes, it’s a beautiful surprise

When did you fall in love with me?
Was it out of the blue
‘Cause I swear I never knew it
When did you let your heart run free?
Have you been waiting long?
When did you fall in love with me?
When did you fall in love?

Make your way over here, sit down by this fool, and let’s rewind
C’mon, let’s go back and replay all our scenes
You can point out the hints, the clues, the twists and the smiles this time
All the ones that slipped by me
I bet my face is red, and you can hear my heart poundin’
Well I guess it don’t matter now that I realize
‘Cause baby I missed it then, but I can surely see you now
Right there before my eyes
You’re my beautiful surprise


Was it at the coffee shop
Or that morning at the bus stop
When you almost slipped, and I caught your hand
Or the time we built the snowman
The day at the beach, sandy and warm
Or the night with the scary thunderstorm
I never saw the signs
Now we’ve got to make up for lost time
And I can tell now by the way that you’re looking at me
I’d better finish this song so my lips will be free

Have you been waiting long, when did you fall in love
I kept you waiting so long, when did you fall
Have you been waiting long
When did you fall in love with me
When did you fall in love?

Copyright 2005 Clumsy Fly Music (ASCAP)


post from january 12th:

a new year has started...... i'm still bitter that i was cheated of one extra week of official holiday. :P how strange to think that half on janurary is almost gone. time really is like water slipping through one's fingers............

i never made resolutions before...... i mean, why make 'em if all you end up doing is not fulfilling them? but this year's a little different..... i feel as though God's really been showing me that i'm just not able without Him. so i decided to make, not so much a resolution, but a theme for the year: refuse to be independent. catchy, huh? ^-^ actually, i didn't come up with that (what do u take me for, a genius?!).... came from oswald chambers' my utmost for his highest......... i never picked it up before, but decided to go through it after it was suggested to me from one of my girls! it is so full of profound insight. definitely peruse through it, if you could get your hands on one!

school's started again. can't believe it's my last sem. i've got 4 classes and my thesis....... a little apprehensive about the last item. i still feel as though i haven't done enough work on it (because i really haven't! didn't work on it at all over the holidays....). weeell.... the only thing to do is to trek on, i suppose. and drench the project with prayer. :P boy do i ever need that.


NEWS FLASH!!!!!!! there's a new singing sensation in town........ she's beautiful, she's wonderful, she's talented, she comes highly recommended by the pastoral staff......... who is she, you ask????? why it's none other than............................................................

KAREN LEUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!