Beautiful and creative!

This post is admittedly more for me than anyone else. Pinterest/visualize.us aside, I can't think of a better way to remember this gorgeous wedding, shot by This Modern Romance. The location and photography is just stunning. The hand-made details are to die for! So many wonderful ideas. :)

To see the whole wedding, click here: Jodi & Kurt's wedding


Peeks from the phone || A twist on the usual.

Things happen every day and we often use our phones to document them! 'Peeks from the phone' is meant to be a low-key way to capture life as it happens. It could be one photo or more; it could come with a blurb or let the title say it all! Join in the fun if you choose, and please leave a link in the comments if you do!

I am fully aware of the fact that my little web space here is quickly getting taken over by Princess Booger (Yes. After a weekend-long hiatus to whoknowswhere when I was supposed to be watching her, and sauntering back home Monday morning like it was no big deal, she fully deserves it.). Can't really help myself.... she is so full of personality!

A couple of afternoons ago:

Instead of, "My dog ate my homework"...... "My cat sat on my thesis"?


Silly but true...

I got home last night and all was quiet. Lauren was out doing laundry, and Laura was in her room on the phone. Charlie was sleeping like a log and Sammie was in Laura's room. So I unpacked things and went straight into the bathroom for a shower. By the time I turned the water off, I could hear that Lauren was home, and Laura and Sammie were over by her room saying hello.

So I get dressed and open the bathroom door... and right away I hear the sound of little jingle bells. Sammie racing through the house, like she couldn't wait to see me! It kinda made my evening. :) I scooped her up and gave her kisses for the 5 seconds she would let me hold her without squirming.

I don't know what it is..... but affection from her is SO sweet. Probably because it is hard-won. Probably because Sammie was originally from the streets and hasn't grown up around loving humans..... It's like she deigns us worthy to grace us with her purrs and cuddles. Lol.

When did I become such a kitty person??