15 Minutes This Morning

9h42 - En route to the office. I arrive at the MacKenzie King Bridge bus stop for my transfer, get off the bus and am greeted with the sounds of someone bellowing in French. Huh? Turns out to be a woman, marching down the length of the bridge in heels, impassionately (and seemingly very angrily) shouting her cause, glaring at passersby, waving her arm for emphasis. And she wasn't wearing her pants. What?? That's right boys and girls, Ms. Protester's pants were unbuckled and held up with one hand, but otherwise very much swinging free around her knees. Granted she was wearing a black leotard and not some disturbing sous-vĂȘtement, but seeing as she had alot of skin to cover, that really didn't mean much.

Compleeetely mortified and fighting the absolutely unappropriate urge to giggle, I rush into the mall. 11 minutes til my bus. Other commuters, quickly glancing at the kerfuffle, hurry to get out of her warpath. A mom tries to explain what is happening to her young daughter, "She's not happy is she? We don't want to be near unhappy people." Not the most satisfactory explanation, but goodness, how are you supposed to explain that to a 5-year-old??? Poor kid.

9h48 - Pants come off completely (?!??!??!!!) and are used as a flag to punctuate her raving. The shock has somewhat worn off and I'm wondering what has got her so riled up that she needs to make a statement like this? Someone else waiting for a bus (or deliverance?) mentioned that it was something about an election...... huh. Politics. Naturally.

9h51 - Police (municipal and OC Transpo security) arrive. Woman stops shouting and puts her pants on, as well as a bright blue jacket.

9h57 (because busses are almost NEVER on time....) - My bus arrives. As I am whisked away from the scene, I see the woman sitting down and smoking a cigarette. Officers surround her, some with amused looks on their faces. I wonder what they're talking about?


Thus marks the end of my *interesting* morning. In somewhat less exciting news (but it's exciting for me!!), I finished filing my tax return!! Yaaaaaaay! ^^ Now I can move on to other, more important things. Like editing and posting pictures, right??



I don't know how anyone could be expected to focus on work when there are far more exciting and important-in-the-long-run things to think about. For the 12365441434357th time..... how do people work in an office position for 20-odd years???


One of Those Days.....

Spring has FINALLY COME TO OTTAWA. Can't describe the feeling of walking out the door into blue skies and sunshine every day this week so far..... the birds singing for all they're worth, tempting me to forget work and grab my camera instead. *sigh* I love spring!

But.... *ugh*

With spring and beautiful days comes more creative ideas for personal/ministry projects, and yearning to be anywhere but in this cubicle. I've been getting more and more of those lately (ideas)..... was hit with a particularly potent idea this morning. Sitting here all day, not satisfying the urge to form ideas into something tangible, has been utter creative agony. And the guilt of not being very productive at work sure doesn't help, or lessen the distraction...... Heh.

Anyway. I really can't (and shouldn't) complain. I'm happy about spring, and thankful for the sun, birds, colours, songs, ideas and creativity -- and most of all for He who created all of it.


ps: I haven't made very much of a fuss over my new baby, but suffice it to say I am very very happy with her. I'm hoping she'll have some good friends to play with this summer (aHEM! Chung). I also intend to be more diligent about posting images, dusting off my corner of flickr, and all that other lovely fun stuff.............. as soon as I file my income tax return. :p