hmm, i really should be working on that project proposal of mine..... but it has been an age since my last post. maybe it'll be a short one. ^-^

well, school's started up again. got some interesting classes this term with quite a bit of hands-on things..... which suits me well! i just spent 3 hours digging in the dirt this morning. *ugh* 8:30 is totally WAY too early for a lab. unfortunately for me and my group, we got lost yesterday on the way to the site and totally missed our lab..... *hee!* so we had to go to this morning's. going out again for another lab this afternoon... hope i don't get lost this time! (that would so totally suck if that happened again! and funny too.... ) yeah..... i really like my classes this term, although i'm not too pleased with having so many things to hand in so early on in the term. i have a book report due next tuesday and i'm so not gonna finish that book! <=/

otherwise..... the store got super hectic in september, so i've been working lots. the textbook rush is just about dying down though, so i'm not working as much anymore, and just in time! just when the school work picks up. last week cbc news came to the store and did a segment on us..... it was pretty cool to see our store on the 6'o clock news!

what else? hmm..... that infection i got about 3 weeks back is just about all gone, for which i praise God! the only thing is that there's still a few persisting sores hanging around, and it's ever-so annoying. i'm thinking of seeing the doctor again.

this past weekend was the english retreat..... i had a really great time! seeing my dear girls, getting to know some new ppl, and seeing people from eaco (God really used them! they did a great job leading singsparation.), and getting to see mikayla! *oooh she's sooooo cute!* and i discovered a couple things about myself as well. there're so many things i could mention! it was beautiful there..... if not a little bit too fly-infested. (carmen: "tell me if a fly falls on me, ok?")

anything else? ooh! i got a fish yesterday! his name is tristan. ^-^