Yeeeeah.... back after a loooong absence. I dunno what has kept me from posting........ maybe because my thoughts haven't been as turbulent as they were in the fall and I didn't need an outlet as badly.....??? I COULD blame it on a packed schedule I guess, although that's not a good excuse. *grin*

There has been lots happening on the Steph-stage! Since the last time I posted, h2o participated in CCCO's 2nd Iron Chef event (see h2o's picasa site for pictures!); we've had to deal with some fall-out from that. Since November I also went on some interviews (with Starbucks and Parks Canada) and then was offered a job with Parks! *yaaaaaay*...... I've been there for three weeks now and I'm enjoying myself quite a bit.

I work with mostly older ppl, but they are such a good-natured and amicable bunch. I'm working as the assistant for the National EI (ecological integrity) Monitoring program.... basically assisting with whatever projects my boss (and, by extension, his "first-in-command" guy) needs help with. Right now I'm helping prep and coordinate the switch-over to a new database, and also organizing a big meeting in the states..... all new and all super exciting! Gotta admit.... was a little intimidated at first, but God has been so faithful in bringing good ppl alongside me to teach me the ropes and to encourage me. ^^ In fact, the whole process of when and how I found, applied for, then got the job -- and even what skills have been required on the job -- was undeniably a God-thing. I love it when I can see His hand just guiding each step I take! It's been amazing to see how He works and times everything to perfection...... isn't He just the best?? (*haha* I know.... understatement of the year, right??) Eventhough other ppl keep telling me, I'm still not convinced that I'm gonna be a federal lifer. *lol* This is a term position and I do want to return to school in the sorta-near future..... but we shall see!! OH. Other classic advice offered by a fellow federal employee from church, "In the gov't, you've gotta work SLOW. If you think a task will take you a week to complete, take a month to do it." *hahahaha.....* Whaaaaatevs...... I'm not convinced of that either! Perhaps I'm young and innocent. ;) And another thing..... *sigh* I wish my French was better!!! It was pretty pathetic the other day, using the French-English dictionary and trying to decipher an e-mail that must've been three sentences long. :S

The other major thing filling my days this fall term (haha... still thinking in universitysome of our kids performing a hilarious Christmas play about a giant turnip.... *LOL* (L to R: Emily, Eric, Karen, Nancy, Jo-Jo terms!) has just been church..... have so many different ministries this term! Jean and I started teaching the SK/gr.1 kindergarten Sunday school class in September....... it gets tiresome to have to do prep for it every week sometimes, but it DEFINITELY helps to have someone wonderful like Jean to work with (*yaaaaaay Jean!!* Go team work!!), and those munchkins have completely endeared themselves to me (am I using "endear" correctly? you proficient writers out there -- ahem! Lyds/Carmie -- can correct me. :P). No matter how tired I am, once I'm in that class telling them a story or seeing their enthusiasm during a game or watching them create their crafts, I know it's all worth it. I really just pray that God is/will use Jean and me to drive some truths into the hearts of these little ones! I've also been leading worship and helping out on the worship team alot more this term..... those that lead do it almost once every month..... and then the other weeks we are usually helping each other out. We have a running joke about who's done it the most weeks in a row. *laughs* Must admit.... It's great fun to play with this team of friends!! I enjoy it alot. ^^ Last but certainly NOT least, h2o's been HUGE for me this term. In many ways, I am glad that I didn't get a job until December, because honestly there have been so many logistical and other background details for big events such as the Iron Chef and Winter Gala to take care of. Seeing as other people have been busy, I'm glad that I was able to have some time to take care of things a bit. The flipside of the coin is that sometimes I've felt like I'm doing it all alone...... but it's really a matter of perspective. Everyone has seasons in their lives; mine's for most of this semester has been to help with h2o. I've been blessed to have the "time-off" to focus on ministry (not just h2o, but all those other things I mentioned). Praise God for that too! :)

And speaking of the Winter Gala!!!! After much humming-and-hawing and haggling over dates and responsibilties and all the rest of it, we held h2o's 2nd annual winter gala on boxing day last Tuesday. What a night!! Always tempted to say, "we pulled it off" but somehow it doesn't seem like the right thing to say because it was definitely by Father's wonderfulness that it all happened. We had a FANTASTIC team this year taking care of decorations and another for food..... the church basement was completely transformed into an elegant dining room! And the food was preeetty good too, if I do say so myself. *grin* (food crew: Hats off to you all!!! It was such a pleasure to have you along for the chaotic ride.) Andrew and Jon stepped in pretty much at the last-minute to be MC's, and I thought that they were wonderful at it!! I'm SO glad that they agreed to do it. :) And oh, we had SUCH a huge turn-out.... more than we expected! And definitely more than last year. People that had just gotten back to town and such kept phoning us and telling us that they could come, and asking if they could bring friends..... with the food and the fun games and the wonderful atmosphere, I think everyone had a really good time. I definitely did! Took TONS of pictures of course.... they're on my Picasa gallery (click on collage) for your viewing pleasure. :)

Click on me!! More photos here.
Yeah..... new photo gallery! Picasa web albums just works so much better with the programs I already have..... if you already use gmail and/or hello, I encourage you to look into it! Feel free to peruse my gallery and add comments (I'm not sure if you can add comments if you're not a member..... find out and tell me. :P).

AAAAlright..... that's quite enough from me, wouldn't you say? *hee* Until next time........