i sat there tonight, silent.... smiling. like a girl with a jewel in her mouth. should i have said something?

what words need to be shared, will be shared i'm sure.


My heart is so full.... full to bursting. I am a blessed, blessed child of God, and He is SO faithful to me! 2 Corinthians has never rung truer... He is indeed more than extravagant me.

Lord I'm amazed by You
Lord I'm amazed by You
Lord I'm amazed by You
And how You love me

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jesus! I will sing of Your love and faithfulness all the days of my life. ^_______^


I'm procrastinating again...... a mini-hiatus from thesis-writing.... *sigh* how i wish it were done!!!! i've made depressingly little progress. moving at a "snail's pace" has a whole new meaning. >.< anyway. this is merely for my enjoyment, so there is no need to read on..... if you do, you've been warned!!

Complete Randomness
How Do You Feel Right Now?:mediocre.... very blah.
What's Your Name?:Stephanie
Are You Photogenic? (Be Honest):no.
What's The Most You've Spent On An Article Of Clothing? (Or Shoes):$100? i hate spending big on clothes....
If You Could Have Anything Right Now, What Would It Be?:my completed thesis!!!!!!!!
What Was The Last Thing You Ate?:pita dippers from Roosters with hummous and garlic sauce *yum!*
What's The Name Of The Last Person You Kissed?:Priscilla
Favorite Store To Shop At?:ikea.... with salem's a very, VERY close second. ^^
Do You Own Any Video Game Systens? If So What Ones?:nope
Bronze, Silver, Or Gold (Colorwise):silver
What Was The Last Movie You Saw In Theaters?:narnia: the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe
Who'd You Go With?:Mum, Mui, Jean, Cal, Rachel, Jill
Do You Have An iPod? If So What Color Is It?:i do! Eris is white.
Name The Last Resteraunt You Ate At (Not Fast Food):Mee Xim (last friday w/ Chung, Jean, and txp!)
What's Your Favorite Season?:spring!
What's The Farthest You've Gone With A Boy/Girl?:haven't "gone" anywhere with anyone. ^^
Can You Sew?:a bit
Can You Cook?:a bit
Do You Like Being Outside In The Rain?:i do! though not with school books and other things that suffer when wet. :P
If You Found A Wallet With 100,000 In It, Would You Keep It?:no..... although i'd be tempted for sure.
Name Three Of Your Closest Friends:Carmie, Denise, Karen! (& others..... can I add? Mellie! Jean!)
What Are Your Parent's Names?:Mum & Dad
Ever Been Bowling?:yep
Would You Rather Freeze Or Burn To Death?:neither, thank you!
Do You Like Zebra's Or Turtles Better?:turtles... =D
If You Could See Any Band In Concert & Get Backstage Passes Who Would It Be:hrrrrmmmm.... tough call..... Jars of Clay /Anberlin/Skillet/Emery I guess! (definitely Beth Dillon or Plumb if solo artists count!)
How Many TV's Are In Your House?:2
What's Your Favorite Sport To Play?:soccer/basketball/volleyball
Do You Own A Scooter:nope