Delicious Endeavors.........

Yaaaaay cooking. Yaaaaaaay food.

One thing I love about not being in school..... I have much more time to create in the kitchen! It's such a rewarding process too..... :P From caffeinated beverages to two-layer carrot and cheese confections, I've enjoyed stretching my cullinary muscles. Here's the evidence:

What a way to start the day.... Eggs scrambled with white and green onion, tomato, cheese; with seasoned turkey bacon. Accompanied by iced coffee spiced with ginger and cinnamon......

Double-decker carrot cake with TONS of pecans and cream-cheese icing.... made for h2o-kickoff potluck at Bonnie's house.

I have cracked the secret of the white sauce!!!!!!!! Spaghetti with white sauce (green and white onions, yellow/wax beans, ground-up Swedish meatballs), topped with pecans and parsley.

The last discovery opened up MANY new possibilties..... I present to you my first attempt at a cream soup (carrots, corn, green and white onion, tuna)!!


oh, how easily sanity and tranquility unravel...........

i'm falling down upon my knees to find the One who gives me peace........


(Building 429)

No I don’t understand
And I can’t comprehend
This power that draws me to you
But I know for the cross
I’ll consider it all lost
In an effort to tell of the truth

That the world may know
That the world may know
You have been heaven sent to us

I’ll be fearless for You
I’ll be fearless for You

Take me I’m Yours

I’ll be fearless for You

All the times that I’ve failed
When my doubt has prevailed
These are the moments I’m giving to you
Cause I can’t be ashamed
No I can’t fear the pain
When it comes time to be living proof

So the world may see
That the captives are free
‘Cause you have been heaven sent to us

Unwilling to bend
Unwilling to break
And Headstrong I’ll stand
No matter what it takes

Such a good song. *heh* No, I'm not running off to the overseas mission field any time soon, but the chorus has been resounding in my mind lately, as a new school year starts. It's a little odd, realizing that I won't be heading back to school this fall, for the first time in 19 years! Man. Imagine it! You've been a student for practically your whole life, and all of a sudden, you're not anymore. HOW weird is that! What does one do with oneself, when such a pattern of normalcy is no more? I feel like the whole horizon is spread out in front of me; every possibility is possible. I'm a bird, wings poised to fly.... the world can be mine. It's a little unsettling not to know what's up next, but at the same time, the unknown is incredibly exciting. It's living in God's provision, depending on His wisdom.... I can't wait to see what's coming up.

In the interim, I'm keeping busy. The new worship schedule has been set and I'll be leading alot more than I'm used to; I'm teaching Sunday school; and I've been chosen to co-chair h2o. AND I can't forget about the library........ I am SO in over my head with that project. All new responsibilities for me; the unexpected oppurtunities took me by surprise. It's amazing..... I keep thinking back to that day years ago when I asked God to show me how else I can use my gifts to serve Him besides in the worship ministry. How He has expanded my territory since that prayer! Just goes to show: Be extremely careful when you ask God for something. *grin* I guess this is where being "fearless" for Him comes in.... I'm gonna have to be brave and very dependent on Him in order to take all this newness on!

I'm excited for the next chapter.