May Showers....

...isn't it supposed to be "April showers, May flowers"??

It's a busy week.... full of individually good things that have added up and multiplied into one heck of a work/thought load. I'm glad to be doing all that I'm doing, but seriously, I can't wait for this to be aaaaaaall over.

Of course, the depressing rain doesn't help. When the weather turns like this, I either get nostalgic and a little melancholy (on a good day), or else I can easily get sulky and grumpy (on a bad/stressful day - like today). And then when it's beautiful out, my spirits are equally light. You know what I mean? I know I'm not the only one whose mood follows the weather! You know, I heard on the news that during the horribly cold and long winter we just had, people's tempers had become increasingly frayed. Even kids. Isn't it amazing how intricately entertwined everything is? But I digress. What I really wanted to do was remedy these rainy-day-blues by posting a reminder of sunnier times:

Taken back in April. The first day that was over 20-degrees this year found me at my favorite place, savouring the sun and just generally happy that spring is back, so that I can enjoy my sweet spot again. It was soooo relaxing to chill there for awhile and read the Word. Couldn't have asked for a better afternoon. Now isn't that so much better than cold and rain?

ps: more photos from the day will be posted here soon!


Don't Congratulate Me Yet......

Today, I picked up a pair of fabulous peep-toe sling-backs for $20 (awesome deal!), just in time for a wedding reception tomorrow. I picked them out and bought them in 10 minutes. Now, those of you who know me, know that this is reason to be proud (and proud we were)! BUT..... look at what happens when I try to be a super-shopper:

'Nuf said.