When grad students get bored.......

..... they might do impulsive things.

..... and......

..... they can't be held liable for their actions.


*snip snip snip*

How does it look? I had to stop myself before they got way to short. :p


A first

Today, for the first time ever, I sat through a college football game. I'm hoping to go to a game one of these days while I'm here..... and it's free! But this was a good start. And considering that I never saw ANY Raven games when I was at CU (besides parts of basketball games on TV), and that I'm not much of a sports fan in general, that's saying something. It was fun to spend the afternoon with a bunch of geo friends.... and to top it off, the Bears won! First road win in years, I read somewhere. Sic 'em bears!!

ps: I've seen our mascots (we have real bears for mascots!).... they don't look anywhere as fierce as that! Cute brown fluff balls, more like. :p