Another Spring.....

.....another new beginning. Another post. Wow, I haven't posted in a looooong time. It hasn't been for a lack of desire, I'll say that much in my defence......... I just never seem to be able to sit down and WRITE. :P Even now.... I'm not promising this is well thought-out! I'm just taking a break from the salamanders. *hee*

It's another spring..... I don't think I love any other season more. Spring embodies glorious hope in new life and new beginnings..... I can't help but be lifted as I marvel at the blue skies peeping through between buildings and spectacular sunsets (pretty much all I get to see of the outside nowadays! It's so sad really.....) after missing them all winter; I can't help but hope in the fresh beginning, and hoping that this time I'll reach the High Places that I've had my eye on for so long. Nevermind what people say about muddy sidewalks and spring rains. It's still a beautiful season!

Carrying on my thought about spring and muddiness and new beginnings and reaching your dreams..... you really can't achieve your goals, your dreams, your High Places without a certain amount of messiness and difficulty in between, can you? I would like to think that I might be able to reach those crags without doing the hard work to reach them, but that isn't reality. Reality is daunting, and maybe that's why I've been standing at the foothills for so long, wringing my hands and casting sidelong glances at those majestic peaks.

Maybe this time I'll stop worrying and take that first step. The Good Shepherd has always promised to be there when I need him.... I think it's time to take him at his word. I don't know how to get to those peaks.... what paths to take, what equipment I need, what dangers I need to be aware of..... but perhaps I just don't need to know.

I still miss you..... but there is someone who misses me more right now, and I can't fairly spend any more time wishing for you while he's waiting for me.