The Art of Being a Statue....
(Good Friday, April 6, 2007)

It's FRIGID out. Ouuuuuuuuch -- my fingers are frozen!! What are we doing here, you ask?

Here we are at Dewberry Trail near Mer Bleue birdwatching..... chickadee-feeding to be precise! We brought birdseed, and Mum and Mui are braving the blistering cold and standing as still as they can to try to attract the birds to their hand. I think Mum's better at it than Mui; she's too fidgety. *laughs* Me on the other hand..... I've retreated to the car to try to regain feeling in my poor frozen digits.

Boy, there are so many chickadees! And they are all so cute, especially when they puff up their feathers to keep warm -- they look like little cotton balls!! ^-^ We brought peanuts too, to try and draw out Mum's favorite cardinals and bluejays, but it would seem that the larger passerines are too clever to fall for such ploys. *lol* We did see several bluejays, a cardinal, as well as some blackbirds and mourning doves, but they stayed aloof.

And me being me of course, was more concerned about getting some good shots as opposed to getting them to feed in my hand (although one did perch on my hand for a little while!). Geeez.... birds in the wild sure are hard to capture! They don't stay put for very long. And lets not get me started on the shortfalls of my camera...... darn lagtime to focus, darn lagtime to shoot, darn lens that can't zoom in close enough....!!! *sigh* At least the lighting was good enough to get sharp images. Despite the camera, I managed to get a few good shots. :)

My dear Finepix, you have been a faithful friend, but I really do think it's time you were retired.....

Living statues...... (click here for more pictures!)