Written by Bethany Dillon and Joshua Moore

This house is echoing
With the sound of You knocking at the door
But with three locks
And the shades down
You are easy to ignore
I put You on like an old pair of shoes
I’ve put You off, but now I need You

Why, this love that never leaves me
Why are You holding me tonight
Can’t deny this love that is given me
Why, this love will never leave

You’re a good strategy when I need one
An angle when there is none
Like a doormat
That always says welcome
No matter how much dirt I rub on
But when I am tired and run through
Look over this hill, I’m running to You

©2004 EMI CMG Music Publishing / Joshmooreownsthis Music (ASCAP)

i love this song! it echoes how i often feel...... my relationship with God is too comfortable all too often..... like old shoes. got a pair of those? it's the shoes that, although they are really really tired and should be retired, you are so comfortable with them that you refuse to toss them. they are old and worn, and probably not too good for your feet anymore, but you can't help loving them. my relationship with God is like that oftentimes..... i am so comfortable with the 'level' that i am at with Him now. of course it would be so much better for me to give it up and let Him take me to the next level, but it's so darn comfortable isn't it? i can hear His voice calling me to Him, to give up one more piece of myself to Him. He's a gentleman though (as PJ would say...); His voice is always always gentle. and it's so easy to ignore. it baffles me how He can be so unfailingly faithful and patient with me......

Father i don't understand your faithfulness.... but thank you thank you for it.


OOOOOHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! breathe.nu still exists! *yey!* so i can still have my old email. ^-^
oh yeah. election day's looming ahead....... i still don't know who to vote for! but i refuse to not vote. *siiiiigh* i am ever-more certain that if i vote conservative i will regret it later..... but but but but!
lydia's back! yay!!!!

mom and mui are in edmonton..... it was cute how mui didn't want to leave me behind..... and also cute how she was super scared that the metal in her pens and zippers would set off the alarms at security....

breathe.nu domain doesn't exist anymore apparently.... whoops! no more email! guess it's yahoo from now on!

such random thoughts that do not connect in any way.....

i want to go to a museum. anyone wanna go with me?

flashback to saturday:
'twas a packed day, but was very fun. in the morning, i spent some time with my sis..... making farting noises and laughing, just screaming and laughing in general, and rocking it out to the tunes of out of eden like there was no tomorrow. *heehee!* quality time! as i was playing her, i realized that not very many of my peers have the chance or the excuse to be so senselessly silly. *haha....* i guess having such a younger sibling does have its perks......
in the afternoon, my sibs and i cooked up a storm. it was my parents' 22nd anniversary, and we pulled out all the stops and made a 4 course dinner for my parents to enjoy..... i was apparently the chief chef.... mui was the ever-eager waitress and ben was the resident photographer. the menu consisted of: soup, cheesy garlic bread, salad, salmon, mashed potatoes, pasta, topped off by banana split icecream sundaes (hungry yet?). my parents asked if they could recommend us to other couples. *hahahahahahaha........* right. riiiight. then we all sat down to watch 'cheaper by the dozen'. then it was the ever tedious job of dishes. i must admit, it was really really fun to do the whole dinner! and the food wasn't so bad either, if i do say so myself! *grin*

i've been here at work for almost an hour..... not a single customer. ho hum...... it's an eeyore-ish day.


decision decisions......

federal election coming up..... decision 2004 is right. i have absolutely NO IDEA who to vote for. fellow canadians, do u have any idea?? *grrr* it's so difficult. maybe i sound silly to u.... maybe u know exactly who to vote for. any advice anyone?? voting liberal is absolutely out of the question. i think both my parents are voting conservative because of their stand on social issues like same-sex marriage and abortion. *bleh* good for the conservatives..... i completely agree with them that all laws should be passed in the parliament and not made by a bunch of judges in a court. why must they be so wishy-washy about other issues of importance to me? (have u gone to read their platform?? it's concise but it basically tells u NOTHING) i would much prefer to vote ndp or green (although they have not a hope of winning....), but they think "progressively" about the afore-mentioned social issues. u know what that means *double bleh* my conscience would not peacefully allow me to vote for them, i think. man....... it's enough to make a girl's head spin..... there is no perfect party, and there is no perfect gov't. worse, there is no Godly party or gov't. this country really needs prayer......


Lord hear our cry, hear our prayers
We’re calling You to come and heal our nation
We lift one voice today, come fill our hearts again
With the prayers of Jesus Christ, the Righteous One

Oh Canada
We stand on God for Thee
With true Christian love
At the Holy Son’s command
Oh Canada
With glowing hearts we pray
With the power of the Spirit
In the name of Jesus Christ

We need Your heart, we need Your vision Lord
So Your Righteousness would come and fill our nation
We humbly bow beneath Your hand
We’re trusting in You God, in You Jesus

©2003 SONshines music
music & lyrics –Joe BevAcqua


FLAMES WON!!!!!!! *woot woot!*


why helloooooo! it's been awhile hasn't it? weeell, several ppl have mentioned my lack of posts, so i figured that it's high time that i post a quickie, even if it isn't about anything worthwhile. *grin* just a shout-out to let u know that i AM still alive! *heehee* in actuality, i did have another longish post all typed up, only that got erased somehow, and at that point my patience was no more, so i didn't want to type it all up again. if this happens AGAIN this time, i am gonna be soooo super mad!

alright then, quick update, although most of u prolly know how life goes at the moment. ^-^

well, school's done..... i have nthg to complain about, praise God! i don't know yet if i'm on the dean's list this year (fingers crossed that i'll get my scholarship back!), but i'll leave that up to The Big Guy too.

He blessed me with a job! for which i am MOST thankful! ^-^ it's so difficult to get hired these days..... they all want someone "with experience"..... but, pray tell, HOW does one go about getting experience if no one hires u?! i work at a little bookshop..... (havenbooks) they're not that busy in the summer (actually, not at all... yesterday work consisted of eating pizza, chatting a whole lot, vacuming the store, and playing 'net games.... with a few customers thrown in *grin*), so i don't get many hours, but i still love the job...... my bosses are all kewl as well. ^-^ and then there's my ongoing job tutoring rachel, carmen's little cousin.

hmm what else? i went to see shrek 2 last nite with my siblings.... it was hilarious. definitely go see it....... maybe not on the big screen, but definitely go see it. and see it through to the end.... there's a lil' tidbit after the credits finish rolling. watched miss. universe too.... hey carmen, remember that year we watch miss.america and i picked miss. hawaii who won? it happened again! this time i picked miss australia. *heehee*

hmm, i can't think of what else to post about...... plus stargate (on tv) is pulling at my attention. until next time.....