Shall I Indeed?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no
Sometimes that's the way it goes
You're not giving any secrets away
Who's to know, who's to say
Sometimes it's hard to live this way
Holding on, letting go
When it's sometimes yes
And sometimes no
Jill Paquette, "Sometimes Yes, Sometimes No" (2003)

Several of you who are wonderfully caring and concerned for me have asked me about that last cryptic blog entry....... *laughs* I never thought I was one who could be cryptic about anything but I guess necessity is the best teacher! Just a word of assurance that I am still alive and I am ok. I think I still have a bit of mulling and thinking to do, and it was a bit of a trip last week emotionally, but even today I think I'm seeing the light. :)

Letting go and letting God..... I don't know why this is a lesson that must be learned the hard way though countless repetitions over our lifetimes. Why doesn't it ever stick? "Doesn't God ever get frusterated at what slow slow learners we are?" I wonder sometimes. But no.... in His infinite grace, He's always there, ready to show us the way back to Him when we are ready. I think I'm finally ready. Already today He assured me of His faithfulness through this blog..... what a chord it strikes with me! How encouraging it is to realize that even the strongest of us has to WORK at trusting our Father, that it isn't some ability that comes naturally with maturity. Have a peek! I hope that you too are encouraged and strengthened by the testimony of Sarah's life -- that you too will be convicted to let go of whatever it is that you've been clinging to, and by doing so, also be a testiment to God's wondeful faithfulness!!



"Can I ask you a stupid question?"


"That wasn't a stupid question."

"Are you busy tonight? Can we go driving and chat?"


"I'm surprised."

Me too.