Spring break! (and catching up)

Wow it has been an age since I last blogged. Time has just been zipping by!! After going home for Christmas and New Years to spend time with family, I came back to Waco and hit the ground running. Starting a new class load and just keeping up with it (why did I pick these classes to take together?! Someone should've warned me....), finishing writing my masters thesis, defending the thesis (aka, slaying le monstre), editing said thesis, and beginning to plan out the dissertation (which shall be aptly named the hydra) has been far more than enough to keep me busy. I'm becoming well-known by friends as the girl who regularly operates on next to no sleep!! Thank goodness for church, where I get to play music, still. It's the one regular bit of fun I get, and I still find it a pleasure and a thrill. Aside from this, there has been time to do very little else!

I am SO thankful that it is spring break this week! My work-list is no shorter, but the absence of looming deadlines for a week is incredibly liberating. It has already given me the opportunity to actually take some time off from school work this weekend to catch up on the rest of my life! First order of business, oil change and new tires for Zippy Car. Before and after:

As you can see, my tires were in dire need of changing. I don't think I've ever seen such smooth tires before! Eeek.

So grateful for a week of rest (albeit a working break, but I'll take it!). Let's see how it all plays out!

ps: Have I mentioned? I am going to be an aunt come June! Wheeeeee!!!!! I'm already collecting ideas for some great hand-mades for my niece-to-be, which if I get my act together, I will blog about. I can't wait to meet you, Poppy!!