I realize that it's been an age and a half since I last posted! Every time this page comes up I think, Hmm. It's been a loooong time since April. I really should post something. And it's not the summer anymore.... the banner needs changing.

But alas........ my days were absolutely full, neglect has piled on top of neglect, and before I had time to take it all in, Thanksgiving is nearly here (NEXT WEEK). And then final projects are due. In a few short weeks I will be back in Canada! Where does the time go?!

At least I'm being a bit better about processing the photos that I take, so at least if you go here or here, there is a visual record of what I've been up to. Maybe now that I've bit the bullet and posted again (7 months later?! Oi), Shards will see more activity? We'll see. ;)

For now, I wanted to post a photo of the beautiful aspens in Colorado that I took while on a field trip this fall...... yes it's been so long between posts that I've gone BACK to CO since April:

Bracketing this long hiatus with the gorgeous Rockies...... it gives the blog a sense of symmetry, don't you think? If Shards doesn't have content, at least it's got symmetry!!