Dress-up madness....

1 saturday afternoon + 5 girls + more clothes/shoes/purses/accessories than you can count - dirty looks from the dressing room attendant = the makings of a rad time out with the girls!

More photos here.



Sand between toes.
Wise words.
Feeling small under a big sky.

The makings of a beautiful evening.


Last minute-ness

I think I have this thing for pushing the limit. 2 hours before our guests were to arrive, and this was what I was starting. Me and my bright ideas......! Simple to do in theory, but let's not forget..... me? Not the most seasoned with the sewing machine. But the idea was planted. No turning back now! 2.5 hours later, with scraps and sewing things strewn all over my floor and running the risk of being labelled "anti-social", I ended up with this (don't laugh. I realize that someone with more experience could've whipped up something better and faster!):

It was worth it. I thought they turned out so well.... not exactly what I had first imagined, but perfect as they are nonetheless. And the best thing? The little guys these were gifted to knew exactly what they were supposed to be.


Oo la la!

Surprise! So here I am, nearly 3am, messing around with blogger (pulling the 5-minute-thing again!). I'm sooooo pleased with the layout tools (new to me), which are super simple to master. Shards is looking so spiffy now, with layout, menus, and esthetics much more like I wanted all along. ^^ I also took advantage of this renovation to do a little cleaning up of the menu.... many of your guys' blogs that haven't been updated in ages have been assumed dormant and links deleted.... but I'd looove to add people back on (hint hint).

Oooh.... so much bloggy love going on right now. It's like a new toy. Or an old favorite, re-discovered (which is better than a new one sometimes!). Perhaps this will inspire more *ahem* consistency around here?

What do you guys think?


One of those mornings

You know what I'm talking about. Those mornings when you crack open your eyes (groan!) - hopefully not late - and the sky is so so grey. And it's raining. You peel back the covers and haul yourself out of bed, while your eyeballs insist that just 5 more minutes of shut-eye wouldn't hurt one bit. Those mornings after those nights when you know FULL WELL what would happen if you stayed up to watch one more........ but you know. Just 5 more minutes. Let tomorrow worry about itself and all that. Those mornings when you genuinely thank the Lord for such things as caffeine and coffee beans, and the person who brews the morning regular, and the office coffee club. Small gratitudes, I tell ya.

Why, what a brilliant suggestion. Of course I'll have another!