A month of sweet.

April's a pretty busy month around the Wong house. It's Easter and since we're a minister's family, that means my parents are usually up to their ears with ministry tasks. While we were still in university, April is exam month.... which just about puts everything else on a back-burner until they are all done! This year in particular, I was rushing around to finish up at Parks, while doing fundraising for our missions trip (Leaving next week! How did that creep up so fast?!), while getting things in order for school (school!!), etc. etc....... You know how life goes.

And then, there are birthdays. Two birthdays in April for us - mine and Dad's - and while sometimes there is more time to celebrate, and in other years the busyness catches us up in the current leaving no time to plan a fiesta; there are always some pretty sweet memories made.

Since we were anticipating a packed weekend of Easter activities, my sweet parents decided to treat me to a birthday dinner at Red Lobsters' a few days early. There we are.... can you tell who the birthday girl is? *lol* Excuse how odd my hair looks in the picture.... I had just gotten it trimmed and Maria decided to do something special and curl my hair. Not that I don't usually like curly hair, but it looked really weird and unflattering that day. :p We had lots of delicious seafood.... so much so that we were too full for dessert!! So the waitress got creative:

That's right! A pat of whipped cream, drizzled with raspberry and chocolate syrup..... bedecked with the all-important birthday candle. You'd THINK that it was unappealing, but it was the perfect amount of sweet. Unhealthy? Maybe. Sweet? Definitely!

On the day of my birthday, my sweet friends *surprised* Andrea and me with a delicious mango-raspberry mousse cake. Didn't get a photo of it though.......

After Easter, our family celebrated in earnest: we spent the afternoon and evening with some good friends, and shared a delicious dinner. Of course there was cake....

Not one, but TWO sweet ice cream cakes! Happy accidents! OR it's because I am soooo loved.....? Yes I'll go with the latter. ;)

And I got to run after these sweet boys, which is really all I wanted for my birthday.

About a week later, it was Dad's turn! Again there was a wonderful dinner shared with friends. Um.... ok they were my friends and not Dad's, but nonetheless! Shared joy is always so much greater, no matter whose friends it is.

(excuse the dumpy sweater I had on in the photo... and the bad photo quality..... and doesn't my sister look like an angst-y teenager in this photo? And NO I'M NOT REALLY THAT SHORT.)

And of course a sweet cake made an appearance too..... black forest this time. Dad's favorite!

I think there are still slices of this cake left in our fridge. Maybe I'll have some.... after I recover from the sugar coma that looking at all these photos gave me! Much more sweetness to come.... sweetness from Central America. I can hardly wait. :)

I'm trying to be better about posting.... in preparation for when I move away and have to try to keep in touch with as many of you sweet people as possible. How am I doing? Heehee....

ps: More photos on flickr.


I believe I can fly......

Ok, this time the video I'm sharing with you all is not just for the sake of sharing. Dear Anna, a super talented animator and artiste, has entered her animated short in a contest. To make it to the final round of judging, she needs lots of people giving her high ratings!! Watch and enjoy this whimsical delight, and if you want to vote, you need to sign in/register with SuperU. Once you've signed in, you should be able to click the stars beneath the video to rate it. Should being the operative word. I can't seem to do it, but we all know me and computers (code 20 code 20!!). So to make up for my lost vote, I'm asking all of you to!! :)



This is so beautiful..... the creativity and honesty that it must have taken to do this just astounds and touches me. What a sweet picture of how amazing Jesus is. :)


It's spring.... not!

It snowed today. Big. Fluffy. White. SNOW. As if it were November, and not April. What is UP with that????? I was so sad.

But as a friend said so well the other night in a prayer, "Thank you God for the rain [or snow], because we know that it means that the grass will grow green soon [and the flowers will come!]"

Geesh. How easily I turn to complaining....... I have ALOT to learn about being grateful and seeing the good side in things (and people).

ps: Added Anna's blog over there on the right. She is one talented girl! Definitely go check out her animations and sketches.... and if you need something designed/animated, Anna's your girl! :)


And then.... a beginning.

Green. Gold.


An end.

For the past two years I've occupied office 359a at 25 Eddy St.... filled it with pictures, paper, mosses, music, the sounds of mad typing, and all manner of other things. I managed data, organized thoughts and functions, and made lots of really really great friends - all with cubicle 359a as home base.

Yesterday was my official last day.

I'm still here.... slowly tying up loose ends and getting ready to go. I just began the long process of cleaning up.... returning things to their proper homes (whether it be others' or mine), finding new homes for other things, and taking down markers of the last two years of my life. As I unpinned photos of cute kids and landscapes from my wall, stowing away the pins and magnets for another time, the fact that this signified an ending finally started to sink in. The thought of leaving, and the now-barren space, suddenly made me sad.

As someone said yesterday, "this is the end of an era."
Too good not to share..... part II.

Oh MAN........

This reminds me of when I had to flush my last beta fish.... I was not nearly so willing to spend time looking at him. Him just lying there with his eyes open (like he's staring at me.... as if it's MY fault he died?!??) was just too creepy. There was no eulogy, no "Fishie was a good fish".... just.... FLUSH.

Thanks to Son-shine for sending that one over! :)