*yaaaaaay!!!* I'm so happy, b/c Tristy seems to be feeling better. For the past few days he hasn't been moving very much at all! Got me soooo worried..... I have a theory that smthg's wrong with his tail. Fortunately he still eats, so I was reasonably sure he wouldn't end up pushing daisies like Ducky. ANYWAY. He seems to be back to normal now (at least for the time being)! Hurraaaay!!!!!

i love u, tristy!!! (an old picture of tristy and nyago..... before i got clara and ducky. ^-^)


Soooooooo...... it's Saturday afternoon here at Haven. "pbbt, pbbt, pbbt," Tara says. *lol* I love it here on Saturdays..... Cocina breakfast club, the BEST Saturday crew in the world..... and to top it all off, Switchfoot playing all day! We must be on the fifth play through the CD...... *wheeeeeee.....* I'm a little bored though..... it's not crazy-busy anymore, but it's not quiet enough to do work. Oh well. It's all fun! ^-^ Even if some customers are knobs. =P

And it's so GORGEOUS outside! I think I'm falling in love with autumn more and more. I ADORE the bright skies and the crisp air! Just right for snuggling in a sweater, or doing something active outside (brings back grade-school memories of playing soccer!)

h2o last night........ here's the start of smthg new. I'm so psyched for h2o this year! The commitee's so commited and so full of good ideas...... It's AMAZING how God has raised up this group of ppl to lead the group...... and I'm glad that I have the oppurtunity to be involved. :) *hurray for co-worship coordinating (TXP, you rock!), and playing guitar on the balcony at sun-set!* Seriously Jean, you have the most gorgeous view from your apartment. And Vanny, thank you so much for leading the discussion this week! And a big thanks to all the 'volunteers' for helping to do the promo for the sidewalk sale!

I love the start of school, because it always feel like a fresh start.... a chance to try new things and to do things right..... this year has been no exception! I can't wait to see what God's gonna do this year. Hurray for September.