Denver Day 2: The calm before the storm

Another good day. Began the day with Caribou and the newspaper again, then back to the hotel for a bit of work until the first of my two roommates arrived. Another bit of Caribou inspiration:

She got in much later than originally scheduled, so it wasn't very long before she needed to head out again for her short course in the afternoon. After she left, I headed out to 16th Street. I was on a mission to find a scarf (because really. How do you come to a place like Denver and forget to bring any scarves?!) and lunch.

I got my scarf. It's crocheted, green, and very cozy. :) On my way to the store, I had spied a food trailer selling crepes, which I thought would make for a wonderful lunch. Sadly, I got back to the trailer just in time to watch it pull away..... location change, I guess? So I looked around a bit, and wandered into this place:

BLT with tillamook cheddar and a side of truffle-parmesan fries? Not a shabby second at all. Took all of it back to our room to eat and work more on my slides.

In the evening I met up with my advisor and lab mate to register at the conference, load up my presentation, and have dinner. After dinner, I convinced them to walk over to The Market for coffee (a cambric for me!) and pie, where we went over my presentation.

My talk is tomorrow! Then after that, let the fun begin. :)

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