A trip to Colorado

After much rushing around, cramming in every last bit of work possible, way too many meetings for a week like this, and just a little sleep; the end of today finds me in Denver, Colorado. I am here for the annual national GSA (Geological Society of America) meeting..... basically an opportunity for us geode-loving-feldspar-jockeys as a general whole to descend on a city, share ideas, network, see old friends, meet new ones, and imbibe many many gallons of "Baylor-unapproved beverages" (I'm just being honest here..... it's pretty much a basic quality of a geologist, whether I myself am an active participant or not). ;)

I was supposed to go on a field trip tomorrow and Saturday, but plans got changed and I'm not doing that anymore...... but it was too late to change my plane flight. Sooooo I came early anyway. It was more than a little frustrating to still have all the stresses of a compressed time table to prepare for a trip, and no longer have the prize at the end of it. I was juuuust a bit bitter.


I landed here. And it's AUTUMN for reals - with chilly crisp weather and fall foliage and everything! There is something about being WEST and NORTH and close to the mountains and AUTUMN that makes my heart inexplicably happy. Maybe because I am that much closer to Home? Or maybe it is just the thrill of travelling and being somewhere different? Who knows. 

But then I realized that all the stresses of these past couple of weeks have been worth it: I am here early with no commitments for the first couple of days, and my hotel is conveniently located in the heart of Denver. So I started researching and plotting and planning. Yes, there will be work. But there will absolutely be rest and fun too.

Who's ready for a Denver adventure? This girl.

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